Bicycle Tag of bike

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  • I think more clues would help.

  • Does it help if I highlight my spelling mistake?

    Sorbus Aucupara?

  • I've got the clues, just nothing from them.
    Maybe others are having better luck.

  • I know where it is, but feel like I’ve done enough bike tag for a while! It does have a connection to the previous one.

  • I think more clues would help. What's the worst that could happen?

  • Have you done a zoom/enhance and taken a closer look at the tree yet? Not the bin, the other thing

  • I don't want to seem rude but I keep asking for another clue and being directed to the ones already there or told to look closer.
    I have an idea what it is but nothing to confirm it. I also thought it had been done before but I think it was another structure nearby.
    EDIT. I'm sure I know what it is now, surprised it's not been done before.

  • It's near Knights bridge but not this one

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  • I can't see the classic 5 rings in the pic, to tie in with Knights Bridge.

    Parts of red, blue and green rings and three support posts.

    I guess there's a set somewhere which fall in to place when viewed from the correct point. But I don't know where that would be.

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  • It's near Knights bridge but not this one

    Near, but not. If you see what I mean.

  • I do now.
    I'll give the sculpture 3 out of 5 for effort

  • EDIT. I'm sure I know what it is now, surprised it's not been done before.

    I think you are right (although I couldn't find it) which is why technically the tag's the tree. I've just come back from Scotland where these trees were everywhere and hadn't really noticed there was one in this location before. They were my father in law's favourite tree apparently.

  • OLD: a tree in the Olympic park.

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  • NEW: what kind of photographer, what kind of animal? Put them together and bob's your uncle.

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  • I hadn't got the right place in the Olympic park, I only chanced upon it on my way to the Olympic rings on the hill. And now I'm not even sure I have the right place since it's not on Knights Bridge.

    If anyone needs another clue for the new one you had better ask today as I am off tomorrow for a few days, glamping with Lenny Henry and having a total digital detox.

  • OLD: a Rowan tree by the Paralympic Agitos in the Olympic park

    For searchability :)

  • That was it Will, on Eastcross bridge, one down from Knights Bridge

  • Old: Papparazzi Dogs, Royal Exchange, Cornhill / Threadneedle street.

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  • New: Ernie'

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  • Easiest one in a long time. Although I suppose one has consult tide tables...

  • Get it in darkness tonight, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Y'need the easy ones to keep the game moving.
    The occasional right-bar-steward is fine in these circumstances.

  • Old: Low tide at Thames Beach near Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank

  • .

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  • New: High Tide somewhere else this month.. slippery alpine diesel may also help..

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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