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  • the plaque...

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  • new:

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  • Thank you for rescuing tag.
    Speaking of rescuing, according to Orwell's adopted son, the house was destroyed in 1944, before Animal Farm had been published and Orwell returned to the house to try and find the manuscript. Luckily he found it and sent the crumpled remains to TS Eliot. Orwell eventually got it published a year later after being turned down by many publishers.

    The same rocket, by coincidence, also destroyed the school where AA Milne lived some years earlier on the same street, the same school where HG Wells taught science for a year in fact.­ag/orwell/­s/a-a-milne-nw6

  • Ride got rained off anyway. New tag was much easier to find!

  • Old: Six Pins and Half a Dozen Needles, the torn bricks building at 77 Fulham Palace Road

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  • New:fixie ain't dead

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  • This may be some forum related place that's obvious to people but for hermits like myself it's a mystery.

  • Don't think it's forum centric but you'll definitely find a lot of fixed bikes around there most evenings these days.

  • More clues?

  • That’s a huge pillar and beam, got to be something sizeable up top, maybe main line railway. Unit 3-4, maybe an under-the-arches bar? A street name with “—ck” in it somewhere. Fixed bikes—near a velodrome, or perhaps a repair workshop? Doesn’t look like Brick Lane. I have no idea.

  • You’re definitely hopping around the right areas with a lot of this

  • hopping around

    I see what you did there

  • Nope.

  • Unless it's actually an Edward Hopper painting. Looks like one.

  • Of court you were onto something but went down a dead end looking for fixies

  • It’s a spot for a regal pogo stick fan

  • I mean, it has to be said that the tag's pretty random, it's as if Ruserius drew it straight out of a hat.

  • Nope.

  • New:fixie ain't dead

    fixed ain't dead it's just gone back to the underground

  • Damn was just passing here earlier - will try to tag later if rain clears up

  • Sceptre? Court? Hats? Tube? Nope.

  • Shibboleth

  • Like someone said a while ago, they're all easy if you know 'em - I recognised it straight away.

    Could be on the road to Stonehenge?

  • The A303 starts at Basingstoke. I bet it is fixed as in:

    e. To mend, repair. Originally U.S.

    Bit late to be heading out tonight though. Also, I can’t find it on Streetmap. Edit: I reckon the sign says “RAILTRACK”. Still can’t find the stupid bridge, although I think I know vaguely where it is!

  • Used to be a club in Cape Town called Getafix, would be fitting for this spot's location

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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