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  • Wait, you guys are using google?

  • That's because I've had a brain fart. Ignore that clue, let's draw a hush, or a kind of hush, over it.

    Ha, the old 'L. Reed' songwriting confusion? :)

  • I did a bit of checking to see if that last “spare” tag was searchable, and I am afraid that it is not. I came up with these gems from “Urban Regeneration in Stratford, London”, Planning Practice & Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 101—120, 2001 however. It is not far from the twisty clock, and in the afternoons is in the shadow of one of the biggest local buildings.

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  • Old: Henniker Point, recipient of Stratford City Challenge funding, Heseltine related regeneration effort of the 90s. Regeneration of Stratford was not just the Olympics, it's a very long complex story and this was an early part of it.

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  • New: Slide is fast! I couldn't actually find the tag before leaving the house, hoping I would just be able to find it. I got excited when I saw this other plaque but it obviously wasn't the same. Anyway, this slide is just round the corner of it.

    Edit: the new tag is the slide, not the other plaque!

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  • That place really has a classic bullshit redevelopment name.

  • Splatford City?

  • That slide looks good. My kids would love that.

    I took them to the park just off the Greenway a while ago, Abbey Lane open space (?) I think.

    Nice and quiet and a shady bench for me to sit on.

  • Old: New Garden Quarter, Forrester Way, Stratford

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  • New: I always find these playgrounds appealing in a melancholy way. Clue: A historically correct colour for the woodwork of your bijou Walthamstow residence?

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  • Well, there's no docking stations in Walthamstow so it's not there. I'm lost.

  • Superfast brilliant R3113 would apparently be close enough.

  • That's more like it. Obscure but interesting.

  • Googling that phrase brings up some mad returns, and some interesting related searches...

  • ^ this. I won’t be able to get the tag, but I truly feel I have learned something from that search.

  • Well, I recognised it on sight, so I didn't have to do any silly Googling. Ner ner ner. :)

  • Used to have a run around with my nipper every morning in that park (there was no cute play equipment at the time) just before taking him to his preschool beyond it. Makes me rather emosh to see it.

    A remarkable factory very close by that many august buildings have been harmoniously blessed by.

  • OLD: Warner Green. Apparently 'people who own their own home' are all over it.

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  • NEW: Despite the Brexit sounding name, it's rather nice.

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  • If that's a retag I have few back-ups. Nice to bump in to you Oliver, always good to get your take on Love Island.

  • There's been many tags in this area. About 11 o'clock, in a way.

  • Old: Great British Garden, just by London Stadium

    New: It did not seem strange when Napoleon was seen strolling in the farmhouse garden with a pipe in his mouth–no...

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  • That better not be a cryptic clue.

  • All clues are equal, but some are more equal than others

  • Now it's George Orwell.
    I serve up a nice Olympic tag that virtually has your name on it and now this. I didn't say divorce, those are your words, and don't try bringing my mother in to it again, all I'm saying is we need to talk.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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