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  • Grave of Bernie Grant MP, Tottenham Cemetery

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  • New: Nautical.
    (almost certainly a retag but I've not played for 5 years, gimme a break!)

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  • Might get this tomorrow.

  • Things I have learnt today. Chris King freehubs and places of quiet reflection do not mix.

  • Fascinating story (and David Beckham link) with the new tag that I'd not heard before. I don't think I'll get to where I think the tag is soon though.

  • Right on your doorstep ;-)

  • Did I break the game?

  • No. It ebbs and flows. Your tag is easy to find, people just haven't had time.

  • There's not that many people who actually get, or can get, tags so there's going to be times when it slows down. There's no chance of me going to south London in the next few weeks, for example.

  • There's no chance of me going to south London

    Is enough for me

  • Old. Nunhead Cemetery
    A circle of stones with one in the middle is the trail sign for gone home.

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  • Not the Kibbo Kift

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  • This is more accurate location but probably not on street view, there is another clue in the photo

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  • Couldn't be easier to find but not sure what the significance of the place is.

  • Thought I would make it obvious to get it going again.
    The significance is linked to the last tag and my clue .

  • That is the closest tag to my house in 1000 pages

    Really interested to find out the relevance of the clues

  • Its about to move to Manchester

  • Huh. I have lived here for 12 years and previously been a member and never knew that!

  • Well I never thought I'd see the Kibbo Kift mentioned in biketag.

  • The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift had a bit of a branding issue.

  • I reckon they had ALL sorts of issues, babes.

  • I was interested enough to check out second hand copies of this book about the Kibbo Kift… but not interested enough to buy a copy at these prices:

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  • Old: side st off Amelia st, E&C
    Edit: technically the back of Crampton St I think

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  • New: nobody's perfect

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  • To explain my tag it’s the headquarters of The Woodcraft Folk a throughly lovely youth organisation .

    In the 1920s despite Scouting for Boys being rewritten some felt Boy Scouting was too militaristic and split off to form The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift.
    This group then had a further schism and The Woodcraft Folk was started.who are still going with 25,000 members apparently.
    The Woodcraft Folk are supported by The Co-operative Society hence the Brixton Cycles hint.

    The Kibbo Kift developed into a political organisation expousing a universal minimum wage­ft
    They had a paramilitary wing The Greenshirts who tangled with the BUF blackshirts. When marching in uniform was banned they marched carrying their shirts on a coat hanger .

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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