Bicycle Tag of bike

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  • First time tagger here! Hope this is right. Recognised so many of the recent clues but haven't been able to get to them in time until this morning.

    Old: OR Tambo's statue in Albert Road recreation Ground

  • New: The ship that never sinks

  • This was fun, I felt like I was in a dodgy 00s cop show doing a 'zoom, enhance, rotate' on the original image:

    Some more info on OR Tambo's statue that helped me find the clue:­anti-apartheid-campaigner-oliver-tambo-u­nveiled-haringey

  • New looks like a cute neighbourhood

  • ^^Exactly what I did too. Welcome to CSI BTOB.

  • I just squinted a bit and read it backwards. But yes.

  • There's always an idiot savant on the show.

  • On this - they've recently changed the name from Albert Road Rec to the O.R Tambo Rec. The council did a public consultation which resulted in 51 % in favour of the name change. Certain locals have kicked off about the change, suggesting that it is destroying our shared history by changing the name...

    From time to time someone steals the charter that he's holding and replaces it with 'amusing' alternatives...

    The whole controversy has a smell of thinly veiled racism to me

  • The whole controversy has a smell of thinly veiled racism to me

    Yup, sounds about right

  • Welcome to tagging, jtfh!

  • Haha. Turns out shouting 'zoom, enhance' at my laptop doesn't work like it does on the telly

  • There's always an idiot savant on the show.

    Skully and WillMelling: The Statler and Waldorf of BToB.

  • Will get a bit later today..if I am right.

  • zoom, enhance

    Ah, the Esper machine

  • OLD: Morley Avenue. Didn't get the clue but recognised the 'cute neighbourhood' from working at Noel Park Primary years ago.

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  • NEW: clue shortly.

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  • Someone apposite might be writing a column celebrating 200 yrs of something.

  • Unless the clue was about me and Skully's enduring friendship, nay, passionate love?

  • There's a hint of Scandal about the new one. But then, I would say that, wouldn't I?

  • Close, but not as cute. The tree is called 'The Friendship Tree', not much about it online but you missed the plaque:

    I remember reading somewhere that it was due to be removed when they first built the estate but after residents campaigned they re-designed the road layout to preserve it. No idea if that's true though as I can't find where I read it now

  • I was more making sure I had the same spot as your bike. By the way, no need to @reply me, I'm always here.

  • Tagzumped again.

    Clue meant nothing, just recognized the tree and the decoration.

    Took ages to decide on a next tag too.

  • I should check the thread more often

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  • Anyone need more clues?

  • To me it looks as if you've take the tag to Cambridge or somewhere.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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