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  • ^^ The street's on street view, the sign isn't, you plumb.

  • Old was the Royal Docks Impounding Station. A pump house for maintaining the water level for the enclosed water.­s-impounding-station/

  • Plum? Referencing testicles I always assumed.
    Or is it some obscure plumb line thing, probably started in the navy?

  • @AWu-Tang fingers crossed for your first successful tag. I hear you on the clues btw, so many oblique associations people make with things that seem so obvious to them.

    Plumb ... hmmm what does this mean? Also Rhodes must be a clue.

  • Yeah! And weirdly, it seems like the tunnel was found by Police after someone in the house reported a break in! Duh! Did they not think maybe they should not call the police? Must be in the Thames with concrete socks on by now ...

  • It's not a Cat Stevens reference.
    I think the car in the picture may be a ford.

  • Fingers crossed this is correct. ...
    Old: Culford road

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  • New:
    Clue will follow when I can think of one

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  • I'm well impressed

  • Nice one. Father and Son is by Edmund Gosse, who has a blue plaque in the area (deBeauvoir) that was established by a man called William Rhodes (grandfather of Cecil). It's a low traffic neighbourhood.

  • While I hope I got the correct place, I didn't get the clues.

    For the new, I might be trying to be clever, but there were some Daffodils about.

  • I'd have added easier clues tomorrow if no one knew where it was straight off.
    Surely no one leaves home without an Edmund Gosse in their bag?

  • I was racking my brain over this because it was so familiar but I couldn't place it, then realised until a month ago I lived about 200m away... never got out much though as I only lived there during lockdown!

  • a neighbour called , someone talked though , they didn't get broken into by chance , just as bad a of a idea as calling the police telling someone about a setup like that

  • I'm confused... What's the cat sign about? Does it belong to that car... Is it always there... Doesn't it get knocked over/blown away etc and so on.

  • War has broken out.

  • It's been there every time I have been along Culford road for quite a while now. It was there every day last week but I don't know if it gets taken in in bad weather. I think it's just a slightly twee joke or possibly it's serious; the LTN and lockdown have made those streets very quiet so perhaps the cats are getting complacent.

  • Don’t be, like this cat hangs from the pub around the corner to well down Elmore since before the LTNs.

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  • Is this the new tag?

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  • Will, I missed your explanation to the clues before posting my clue. Thank you for filling in the blanks, I did not know anything beyond the LTN. I was just lucky I'd seen the sign.

  • Are you serious?

  • Old: corner cafe on corner of Matthias Road and Wordsworth Road

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  • New: freedom!

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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