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  • I did wonder if I recognised the name from some of the Thamespath out near Barnes and just checked, same person. Great work Uy Hoang.

  • Any more clues?

  • It may have been built as partial corporate penance for a syrup spill.

  • Mawr Dun, apparently. But also nowhere near.

  • Old: 'We gon' be alright' lyrics near Morden Wharf Road, Greenwich Peninsular.

    New: wait there's a map?

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  • @oat44 I thought this new one wouldn't count as access as it is normally behind locked gates at night?

  • I thought that, but I didn't get there until 10pm, so they may not be locking it at the moment.

  • A little history on the Amylum jetty which mentions the syrup spillage—see also "Soap and Syrup" which has some background. There's a sign on this rather unglamorous construction:

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  • Clue needed or obvious enough?

  • I know where it is. Got time to get it tomorrow.

  • obvious enough


  • obvious enough


  • They're all obvious when you know where they are, as Churchill said. I don't know where this one is and I don't think it's obvious. I don't think it's obvious what words or description you would use to search for it.

  • This is all about cress and buttercups. The hairy Walthamstow kind

  • If you have an orange Carrera Vengance you can play this from the streetview

  • Old: Bow Ecological Park

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  • New

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  • A very near miss!

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  • Excellent. Bow Creek Ecology Park is home to Hairy Buttercups, Walthamstow Cress, and the only known place in the country of Unreel's Wormwood.

  • The map was the painted river on the wall which looks like the Thames but is in fact the Lea around this point making a couple of peninsulas resembling Isle of Dogs and Greenwich Peninsula

  • Old: Royal Victoria Dock footbridge

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  • New

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  • Clue? Big blue egg is doing much

  • Walk The Line

  • I was going to tag the Royal Docks footbridge a few weeks ago but I got tagzumped and then when I tried again the lift wasn't working so I couldn't be arsed and took my next one elsewhere.

    It's a good bridge with some nice views.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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