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  • I've had my exercise for the day so maybe oat will venture out to the badlands.

  • No chance of getting there, but this was fascinating (and ripe for follow-ups). Thank you BToB (and @itsbruce)

  • Old: 'The Fun Factory', Southwell Road, near Loughborough Junction, the old studio of Fred Karno, the impresario credited with discovering Charlie Chaplin and popularising the custard-pie-in-the-face gag.

    New: If you're not into Bird's, try Monk's

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  • Nice late night work. I got the old one by Googling 'what bleedin use are we?' as it sounded familiar, and was, and led on to the tag. The new one will, eventually, let me post one of my favourite jokes.

  • Sunnier pics of Fred Karno's Fun Factory. Chaplin wasn't the only famous alumnus: in 1910, when Karno sent a troupe of Fun Factory performers to America, Stan Laurel was on board.

    You can move in if you have £3.25 million

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  • Has Bruce ever had a non Loughborough Jct tag?

  • I tagged a Belgravian bollard just the other week.

    Most of my tags in the last year have been in or near Lambeth, fine historic location, the rest of you should be so lucky as to be surrounded by places of note etc, etc. This is only the second in the last year that's been close to home :-P

  • Has Big Ben been done?

  • You can't see Big Ben from street level and when I went up the tower I wasn't allowed to take a bag so probably not a bike too.

  • It's going to be difficult to explain the name of the street of the new tag without blushing

  • Old;
    From custard pie to custard powder. The site of the Monk and Glass custard powder factory just off Snowsfields in Southwark. The 'Monk' from the brand's name is taken from one of its founders, Alfred Monkhouse, who was paternal grandfather to Bob Monkhouse. And, @skydancer, if Hardwidge makes you blush you should ask where the 'Glass' comes from.

    I'm not a massive custard fan,
    prefer my doughnuts filled with...

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  • The streetview has someone very 'on here' in shot.

  • Bob Monkhouse: Years ago when I told people I wanted to be a comedian, they laughed at me. Well, they're not laughing now.

  • not with a white chain :o

  • New one is a retag i think?

  • I thought so too, the windows just around the corner. Wasn't all that long ago.
    Whether it counts or not.......

  • It is a retag, not of the chimney but of the building. @pastry_bot feb 19.

  • Ahh, it's not on the map...

    If accepted by the court of tag, I also have this one lying unused from a time I got tagzumped;

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  • Good clues, please. EDIT - got it, took a while to think of the right word to describe that feature.
    I changed the saddle on my Cannondale recently (no one noticed, very hurtful) which made any pre-tags I might, or might not, have had unusable. I wouldn't trust the map. I've told my PA over and over to update it and nothing happens.

  • Old: A Bullet from a Shooting Star on the Greenwich Peninsula.

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  • New: have had my first vaccination, maybe it is gon’ be alright

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  • A Levenshtein edit distance of one away from the madhouse

  • Interested to see how you're working that out!

  • Impressed this one is accessible on street view

  • Good old Uy Hoang, who appears to have singlehandedly documented most of London's waterways and canal towpaths on streetview

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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