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  • New: the writings on the wall

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  • i liked this historic read!
    you think the devils number 666 comes from the great London fire of 1666 ? (probably super documented on google but i am lazy to search)

  • I was so busy writing that writeup I didn't notice it was the same place. I think my focus was on the geological part of spa green / saddler's wells having come from Springfields, and Will's was on the garden itself. But I was probably standing where Will's bike was to take my shot. Hey ho.

    No idea about the origin of 666

  • 666

    Like most bonkers things in Christianity, 666 comes from the Book of Revelation (but may be a scribal error replacing 616):­the_beast

  • Never mind 666, what's all this 1365?

  • I'm not nearly on 1365 yet, I have too many people on ignore.

  • Surely carving graffiti into the wall would be a police matter?

  • The law is just a bit mυddled on this.

  • You got me in a rabbit hole of the correct pronunciation of υ but I'd say it serves a cunning clue for this. Like it.

  • OLD: Myddelton Passage. Not sure what all the Greek was about, it's all Dutch to me. I just Googled 'words carved in to bricks, London'. Famous for the expressions of despair carved in to the wall by desperate Deliveroo riders.­ecret-london/myddelton-passage.htm

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  • NEW: clue in a minute or two.

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  • Here's one I took a couple of weeks ago. Bonus points if you can spot what has changed. It's not just the blue sign.

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  • You need a lot of money to live round here now - you won't manage on a pension, even a local one.

  • Nice.
    On the recent theme of police escapades, there is an interesting story in the last of the comments of this article about the carvings:­bbies-curios-the-policemens-wall/. More policemen added their initials and numbers to the wall in the 70s during a 9 day siege of a flat on mydletton passage, where Stuart Brickell had barricaded himself in with a machete and gas bombs to resist eviction

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  • Let me know if more clues are needed. Street view will only get you a partial view.

  • Pasting part of the comment here. Really interesting, basically two periods of police officers marking the wall
    "Us young coppers on duty became aware of our old comrades numbers on the wall. I think that we were told about it by local residents. Various theories abounded about the origins of the numbers including WW1 wartime Specials protecting the Thames Water Head (it’s the boundary wall) – there are numbers from that era. Also that police were drafted from other divisions following a vicious Victorian era murder (I think there may be some W Division numbers ad others). Both could be true including those already put forward.
    I think us hairy kids of the 70’s were careful not to desecrate the history, but a few of us added our numbers slightly away from the older ones"

  • Old: The Garrison Chapel, Garrison Square, "Chelsea Barracks"

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  • New: You absolutely don't have to be a rich pensioner to live here. If you can remember living here, you didn't.

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  • On reflection, probably the most tasteless clue I have yet come up with.

  • Going to need more, tasteless or not.

  • Found it. Not sure I'll win the race there though.

  • Good range of biscuits anyway

  • Reassuringly expensive- or is that some other brand?

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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