Bicycle Tag of bike

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  • sounds like a good idea unless that building is in australia or india or somewhere might make it a bit difficult
    will all places be in londiniums famous londinium ?

  • Yeah we need guidelines here. Shall we say within south and north circulars for now?

  • very clever! reminds me a bit of this:
    samsung / lmfm

  • And still no-one has taken a picture of their bike and somewhere else there?

    I'll have time to do that tomorrow. Somebody pre-empt me!

  • Go on Oliver! I'm sure there are some trendy places. I would have thought there would be a photo already :o

    I thought it would be easy for us here being in London. Also nice to see where your famous hang out spots are :) Maybe some are also where other people go to aswell.

  • I'll play when I get home.

  • I'll play when someone takes a pic vaguely south of the river..

  • I have an idea for a pic and will hopefully post might even be south.

  • Fail--I forgot my camera yesterday and didn't have time to correct that mistake.

    Whatever people do, remember to first take a picture where MinhDinh started. Just taking a picture 'south' doesn't count ... dem's da rulz ...

  • ah, rules reading fail then, guess i wont be playing until there is a south one then tbh or at least somewhere I'm likely to be.

  • Just remembered this yesterday while out and about taking pictures. Excuse the crap quality. I'm no photographer. The first picture is of the same location as in the OP, honest, even though the Red Cross is missing--too bright by half yesterday and I didn't know how to make it appear in the picture. Obligatory 'slack chain' comments to the usual address, please. :)

    First I was like ...­1d1299575321-lfgss_bike_tag_7-3-11_003.j­pg

    ... and then I was like:­299575331-lfgss_bike_tag_7-3-11_004.jpg

    2 Attachments

    • LFGSS_Bike_tag_7-3-11_003.jpg
    • LFGSS_Bike_tag_7-3-11_004.jpg
  • Ha, forgot about massive picture size ... re-sizing now ...

  • Anyway, no idea if anyone wants to play, but if you do, the rules are in the OP. :)

  • I'm sure that I know where that is...clue?

  • Oh puhlease. No clues! It's fucking obvious to me. But I have work n shit tomorrow.

    How can we stop the tag spreading simultaneously in multiple directions? Dib the tag?

  • Yeah that makes sense. I've got no clue about this one, but did know the last one. Glad to see this revived, will do my bit this time around :)

  • Loved the idea, don't know where the 2nd one is.

  • It's a very distinctive location that a lot of people on here will know.

  • queen elizabeth hospital for children, hackney road:

    this may be too tricky. the clue is the black imposing building...

    good thread. would be nice to see this kept alive and moved all over london.

  • poor image quality and size, haha!

  • Good work, Eamesy! Glad you got onto it so quickly. I can't make out too much in your second picture, though--it's just too dark. Could you perhaps take one there in daylight? That is, there may well be something so obvious about it that I should know, and perhaps someone else will get there first.

  • yeah, thought it may have been a tad too dark - i'll pop up a new one tomorrow. that is unless someone gets there first...

  • I like this game...can someone move it along out of the heathen scrubland of East London?

  • I like this game...can someone move it along out of the heathen scrubland of East London?

    ok, i'll help this along with a much better picture.

  • Big tyres rule

    Nice wall ... I'm stumped.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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