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  • I'm surprised this hasn't gone, I thought there was quite a core of forumengers in these parts. Don't they even have their own hashtag?

    I'll take a long route to work in the morning if it's still around.

  • I've been meaning to get it, but the weekend got away from me due to hayfever and family stuff.

    If it's still around tomorrow I'll bag it.

    Got a couple of ideas for a new one, as well. Which is a bonus.

  • OLD; West Norwood cinema. Backdrop to the Sound Of Music.

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  • NEW: surprised if this hasn't been done before. If it has I have back-ups.

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  • CLUE: We shall tag on the beaches, we shall tag on the landing grounds, we shall tag in the fields and in the streets

  • Oooh! The heat is on!

  • Well, it's just a good thing that Will lives in that area or the tag would never have gone.

  • Looks familiar (in terms of being tagged before) but I'd carry on until anyone can provide proof...

  • I have no idea what the new tag is and the clue hasn't helped me.

    The number of variations on "Victorian BT Tower" and "glass chimney" haven't helped.

  • It was tagged on 2 Nov 2011 by danns. However, there are no surviving pics or description. I'd say you'd still need to do some sleuthing even with that info so it could still stand.

  • Many moons ago we visited it on the subterranean ride, which I think grew out of a spate of subsurface themed tags. Don't recall if it was tagged or just visited on that ride and it was so long ago it probably should be allowed anyway. (Edit. It was tagged, thanks oat)

    It's there to keep the locals warm even when it's cats and dogs outside.

  • Well, rules are rules so here's a new, new one, in glorious monochrome.

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  • Worked it out now, I think it was referenced somewhere else then (within the last couple of years) as I remember it being more recent.

    Always wondered what it was as it was visible from my commute, but I always thought it was attached to the building next to it rather than being standalone.

  • The old new one is on the Churchill estate in Pimlico.
    The estate is also notable for its early and rare example of district heating in the UK, the Pimlico District Heating Undertaking. A glass-faced accumulator tower was built to collect the CHP by-product heat in hot water from the now-disused Battersea Power Station on the opposite side of the Thames, providing heat and hot water throughout the estate. The system was upgraded in 2006 to allow it to supply an additional 1400 homes
    I'm not surprised it's been done before, it's a remarkable and oddly beautiful structure.

  • Clue for the new, new one: you will have to dig deep in to your knowledge of London.
    Or just do a bit of zooming.

  • Old new one is great, I'd not seen it before and I learned from it so it didn't go to waste.

  • The new one I will try and get tomorrow - all mines.

  • Will making a great exhibition of himself there. Just as well St Piran's Day has passed - though I guess Covid has put paid to the Camborne battle royale for this year?

  • New:

    Sticking with the subterranean theme, though with less endorsement by the establishment.

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  • Old:

    Imperial college of mines/ science and tech in albertopolis

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  • Old: HS2 hidey holes outside Euston Station

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  • New:

    To celebrate International Women's Day.

    107 years ago today a new kind of battleship for the people launched from near this spot. Perhaps mum turned blue from shame?

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  • We went for Open House a few years ago. The views from the top are brilliant and an angle you don’t normally get along the river. Also the control room has all the original control panels and is amazing.

  • Am I allowed to @ you? I can’t remember sorry

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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