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  • I did find it in the end. Definitely not the 1908 Franco British exhibition area, but it does involve elephants. I then got distracted by tales of a travelling peepshow and a gruesome murder. I'm afraid I can't fetch it today though.

  • I think you have it. Time for another clue?

  • Yes please @Settle. I have no idea what anyone’s on about.

  • Okay, here's a clip I found featuring the circus proprietor and perhaps his aforementioned elephants in a different location, apparently he owned quite a few tho and this clip is nowhere near the current tag. So again useless and potentially pretty misleading but kind of interesting.­ant-war-workers-from-lord-sangers-circus­-at

    He was a circus proprietor and retired close to the current tag and a local resident said his elephants used to graze on the land between the two woods. He was indeed as oat44 pointed out murdered by one of his farm hands in 1911.

    The open air theatre where the current tag is was said to been built in 1920 and in a small wood.

    Sorry this is trickier than I thought it was going to be.

  • I knew I should have just tagged Wing Yip on the A5 to continue the Watling Street theme.

  • There's another theme you could have continued nearby too by Skully wouldn't have liked that.

  • Cockoff and ladleface are not members.

  • Should have nipped in and got bao for everyone.

  • I have brought shame onto BTOB on its birthday, I am sorry.

    Bollocks you have. You got the birthday tag and set another, no problem. When it comes to giving clues, though, it's worth thinking about the following:

    • If you want people to search for something, you need to check with search engines what they'll get if they enter the keywords you've given. With very common words like 'elephant', it's likely that they'll get completely unrelated results (as stephens said). Obviously, it also helps if you have a quick look at what's available on-line about it.

    • BToB wouldn't have run for so long without Google StreetView and on-line mapping/aerial images. If it's not on StreetView, e.g. in a park, or visible in aerial imagery, e.g. under trees, you need to think about how people are going to find out about the exact location before they set off for the tag, as that gives a tagger some more certainty that their trip won't be wasted and less time spent searching for it near the site.

    • You can also check if there are pictures of it on-line, provided it's distinctive enough, and take a similar tag picture so that someone may be able to find it through image matching.

    I know where it is, I've been there, although I didn't know that backstory. It's a very good tag and you shouldn't fret about it.

  • I've been there

    I didn't know you used to tread the boards Oliver. Points noted.

    If we weren't mid lockdown and wife recently told to begin shielding, I would have said stop by mine for a coffee ceremony if you were to pick up the new tag.

  • Yeah, although to be frank, it wasn't worth the effort lugging the boards in there just to tread them for a bit.

  • OLD: Small wood, Hampstead Garden Suburb. Where elephants, and dreams, go to die.

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  • NEW: back to a familiar theme but this one links to Lou 666's helmet and to a post by .ben.

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  • Ohh! I was close, I was.
    Checking out Streetview of all those bits of greenery which have watercourses, immediately to the south of the A1/ Falloden Way. Specifically, which bit of greenery is it?
    ETA @humphrey would probably enjoy the current one.

  • Can be accessed from Addison Way, Denman Drive north and Oakwood Road. It's called little wood. Think I've exhausted all the facts on the tag but its also on the Dollis Valley greenwalk which goes for miles and you can cycle most of it. Would recommend.

  • Edit: too late. Enjoyed that.

  • Finding the George Sanger connection was not too hard but I can't even remember what I looked at to find the specific location in the end.
    The new one should be easy for you Settle; you can then go and park your bike in front of Harrods or
    the Old Bailey and assuage your crippling guilt.

  • Harrods then the Old Bailey

    Fixed, you know me so well already :)

  • Here's a picture of Sanger's funeral procession, which shows some of the buildings at Park Farm, his estate. Do these buildings still exist, or is all that is left the street name of Park Farm Close? I couldn't find them on a quick trawl.­neral-procession-of-lord-george-sanger-1­827-1911-leaving-park-169317162.html


    I think all that's left of it is Park Farm Close, but it appears on old maps

  • I couldn't find anything other than Park Farm Close,either.

  • Anyone need another clue? Or is it just the uphill bit that's putting people off?

  • I've got it but it's a long way away and I'm poor.

    "Pay for this, pay for that, loot for nails and hair.
    Who the hell do you think I am, Mr ____?"

  • Old: Ruskin Park house, Denmark Hill

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  • I've got some bad news for you Beagle.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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