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  • Is that all this clue is, searching the forum for something to do with Jos and death, or the death tt? Bear in mind too that if someone has a forum or thread on ignore it doesn't show up in search results.

  • I know this! Will nab it on Thursday if it's still unclaimed!

  • That would be absolutely fabulous.

  • This is not the Death TT

  • know this!


  • OLD: Lumley Court, Wc2, a reference to a single comment 14 years ago by Jos, who hasn't been here for 11 years.
    It was only the dread of a Beagle clue that made me search harder. Let us never speak of this incident again.

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  • NEW: surprised I haven't tagged this before, wasn't sure if I had for a moment but decided to be decisive. If you get it you can open a big bottle of champagne.

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  • So what was the clue about a race and death? Edit - should have clicked through to the comment obviously.

    Is the new one related to Vince?

  • Aha. Well done Will!

    So, the idea behind my tag was to a) make it all about the clue and b) make the clue require a detection within the annals and cyber-archaeology of LFGSS, as opposed to in the real world.

    To this end, I set about trying to find the oldest comment I could that would yield an address.

    Figuring that the Rides and Races sub forum would be a happy hunting ground, I looked through the oldest threads in there and found this comment.

    Clueing it was pretty easy and finding it was straight forward if you UTFS'ed for "Race to the Death" and then looked for a comment by @Jos.

    It seems that the subtle nuance and beauty of this novel form of tagging is not to the taste of Mr Melling. I can't say it seemed to tarry him too long in deciphering it, mind....

  • What's a Beagle clue?

  • coventry eagle is beagle.
    I finally found it by searching within the rides and races forum. The new one should be snapped up quickly, the give-away is about 35mm out of shot.

  • I'm on here... ;)

  • He lives!

  • How are you old friend?

  • I'm well Will, thank you. I have in fact never ceased to live, so all is good.

  • What a lovely unexpected side effect.

    Hi Jos. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Ha, Jos! Welcome back.

    I have in fact never ceased to live, so all is good.

    It's just as well that the Race to the Death never happened. :)

  • Magnum Photos agency, Gee St, St Lukes.

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  • Swiss Carlo kept Norwegian ice here for his Hokey Pokeys.

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  • Grrr iphone sideways trick is annoying

  • I hope that's not a cryptic clue.

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  • Thanks Will.

    No! very straightforward.

  • ^^ Yes, easy clue.

    Interesting that they've removed the big sign that's still visible on StreetView in 2019.

  • ^^ Yes, easy clue.

    ... and there’s a connection too.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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