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  • No, I did not that about Marie Curie.

    Thought the memorial was for all the Polish that gave their lives and that the position was because of 303.

    CSB Knew a few Polish servicemen, that had married Italian women. Used to underage drink in the Polish ex servicemens club. Odd that they knew we were underage, but we were drinking banks bitter or mild. Seems odd that we were told stories of the 'fun' that the servicemen had going to dances and being proud of being Polish.

  • It wasn't just for the 303.
    There were seven RAF squadrons with Polak pilots.
    303 is probably the best known of the lot.

  • @WillMelling how long have you had that langster?

    It takes me right back to 2007 whenever I see it.

  • How nice to be @-ed in 2 separate posts. I got the Langster in 2009, I think, off mccarthy. It's still the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden.

  • Don't go disturbing @ed!

  • OLD: Great College St.

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  • NEW: it's not on the map, I don't think it's been done but I have pretag backup.
    Enemies Of The People.

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  • I once went to a very poor Christmas party at the new tag.

  • Only a stone's throw previous tag.

  • Planning to get it tomorrow

  • Could be that rarest of occasions where someone says that and then actually does it.

  • Weekend tagging takes a fair bit of advance planning these days. This was booked in around 4 weeks ago so it had better still be there!

  • I can't think of a decent new tag, so think I'd rather see one of oat44's offerings than grab it myself.

  • Ahh I tagged that place back in the day. Next to Berry Bros. & Rudd.

    I thought it seemed familiar!

  • You didn't tag it.

    You mentioned it, but never tagged it.


    (Search thread for Texas, for details)

  • Keep it round there please, I work just around the corner but won't be in again till Monday.

  • Oh yes you’re right. Forgive my fading memory. It was 8 years ago.

    Fuck me! 8 years ago? I feel old. Probably because I am old.

  • Courtesy of oat :)

    Clue to follow

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  • The old one is The Supreme Court, on Parliament Square. FYI.

  • If the new one is where I think it is, it is not StreetViewable is it?

  • Oooh, I’ve been inside the current one - it’s amazing. No tagging for me today.

  • Come on KT!

  • Interestingly, to me at least, I rode past the current tag the last time I went out tagging.

  • The old one is The Supreme Court, on Parliament Square

    Or Middlesex Guildhall, current home of the Supreme Court.

  • Burn.

    @7Üp is triple tagging in the rules? But then the cargo's like mornington crescent.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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