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  • Well, I'm going away for a few days so makes no difference to me but really, clues are always a good idea.

  • I thought it might be quite recognisable, but maybe not. I was in such a rush to get the tag I didn't even make my bed.

  • @brokenbetty Our hero from Bridges XXIII™ @Oliver Schick mentioned this thread, is the newest tag near you? Give us a clue @cjr...

  • My last post was a clue

  • Ah right I'm with you, sorry thought it was an anecdote. Oops.


    These flats were built in 1936-7 to the designs of J E M MacGregor for Bethnal Green and East London Housing Association. There are 35 flats. The three bedroom flats were on the first floor, one bedroom flats on the top floor and two bedroom flats on the other levels. The original idea was that the central portion of the building beneath the stepped flats should be used as a covered market. The income from this would be used to subsidise the rents of the flats above. However, during the building period, land in the area was designated for residential use only.

  • Hmm, I wonder if J E MacGregor had ever visited or was a student of the Ottoman Empire?
    Many old mosques have a row of shops along the only route to the entrance or a small bazaar adjacent to the mosque, an 'arasta'.
    The rents from these retail outlets was meant to pay for routine maintenance of the religious buildings.

  • Let's see if I do this correctly.

    Old: Bell Lane, Tracy Emin shit the bed

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  • New: Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah.

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  • Excellent work, very interesting history. Bit far for me though this time

  • Stuck self-isolating. The best I can do is:(edit, total fail) ranc anorak zip.

  • Blimey, not many I can spot just from the photo.

    Used to go on walks there with my nephews, one asked what he was holding. I said "It's a scroll", being about 4 years old at the time he heard "It's a sausage roll" and a family legend was born.

    (Said nephew is now 6'4" and in his second year at Uni.)

    I might be able to go out later on, need to think of a follow on tag though (assuming no-one gets it before me.)

  • Who the fuck is holding a sausage roll?

  • The answer to the clue that Settle gave.

    Saying any more would give it away.

  • Love that - and it did look like a greggs product too

  • Could be said that he has inspired many to roll something but its not a sausage...

  • Dug out my Langster from my in-laws’ garage for a quick nostalgic spin, and what should I spy in the spokes .... back when riding fixed and spoke cards were still a thing.

    Was this your work @7Üp ?

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  • Bump.

    Also a new(ish) Edinburgh thread with some good tagging so far:­55/

  • This is going well. There's always the option for the @Settle to redo his tag and move it somewhere a bit more central than Wimbledon if no one is willing or able to get out there.

  • Spoiler!

  • Yea sorry thought I had killed the game somewhat.

    I can tag somewhere more central on the commute home later.

    Even the public toilets in the Edinburgh version of this game got more love than this tag.

  • I like the tag.

    Was all set to get it this week, until my daughter had to have a week of home schooling.

    I say leave it.

    Wimbledon is not exactly distant.

  • Yes, leave the tag. Lags happen. The clues were perfectly easy to follow, and it's a good tag relating to a significant recent event. I just haven't been able to go.

  • Completely forgot about it. Can't get out today but might tomorrow.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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