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  • the row of trees behind the bike

    EDIT: (see attached pic)

    @lowbrows it was a photo of the trees behind the big one that led me to the exact spot, quite by chance. I was looking for pictures of the River Ching and it came up even though it's nowhere near

    (EDIT: see post below...)

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  • That ^ photo led you to this:



  • Gonna need a bit more exposition on this one.

    I know you are good (great) at BTOB, but this is a masterpiece.

  • This pic led me to ludwig's!

    The other pic was for dicki's foraging friends

  • That's still Blade Runner, raised to the power of Bellingcat.

  • I am scratching my head but I cannot for the life of me work out how any of the clues lead to Eagle Pond in Snaresbrook.

  • That's still Blade Runner, raised to the power of Bellingcat.

    Probably the way oat44 did it. :) However, Ludwig mentioned that it's a pond, if you search for the sentence he c&p'ed you get the British History Online page about Wanstead, and as this is a cycling forum, with at least a smidgen of awareness of road cycling, 'Toledo' might trigger the Eagle of Toledo. Ergo, Eagle Pond. I didn't find it all that difficult that way, but then I know Eagle Pond and have cycled past it many times.­sex/vol6/pp317-322

    At least it means oat44 can be very slightly challenged by the game every once in a while. :)

    Still, I favour more obvious clues, and Will is quite right to remind us that the game shouldn't be one for riddle masters.

  • But it is.

  • Old: tables at the Wanstead Park tea hut

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  • I believe these are the horny animals Oat was looking for

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  • New: 1941 - 1993

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  • Wisely keeping your distance I see!

    They are kept in the park using GPS geofencing collars.

  • if you search for the sentence he c&p'ed you get the British History Online page about Wanstead

    I spotted that but the pond is in Snaresbrook not Wanstead so I didn't really see how that helped...

  • A McGuffin (sometimes MacGuffin or maguffin) is a device that drives the plot, but has no real relevance. A good example is the briefcase in Pulp Fiction: viewers can speculate on its contents, but the truth is it doesn't matter what's inside; it's just something to drive the plot.

  • Snaresbrook isn’t a McGuffin, it’s a mistake. At a stretch it’s a red herring.

  • Either way I've got to admire the superb detective work demonstrated by @oat44

    Less MacGuffin, more MacGyver.

  • Old. Connaught Pl, just off Lea Bridge Rd, near the Water Works

    Oh I never 'explained' this - not that it really needs an explanation. But No. 3 Connaught Close captured my interest because No. 1 and 2 Connaught Close have lost their original features but No. 3 still has them and doesn't appear on the Royal Mail postal database, so in a way doesn't exist.

    I wondered what the story was as my guess was that 1 and 2 are rented from Thames Water, so I bought a copy of the title deeds from the Land Registry which revealed that not only does it exist, but it's owned by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and was transferred to them - from Thames Water - on 12 January 1989, at which time a William Arthur Jacob and Caroline Irene Jacob were living in it.

    So no clue as to how long it's been empty or why it's empty, but I think by the vegetation a while but not since 1989.

    Anyway for anyone harbouring dreams of buying it and doing it up there's a restrictive covenant in the title which says:

    Except under an order of the registrar no disposition by
    the proprietor of the land is to be registered unless made in
    accordance with the Lee Valley Regional Park Act 1966 or some other Act
    or Authority.

    Which may explain why they've not sold it.

  • The attached picture shows No. 1 and 2 in better - well, more Critally - days in 1955 and is courtesy of the London Metropolitan Archives.

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  • @dbr I've yet to do any research yet on the smaller neighbouring property you're interested in ;)

  • old : city of london cemetery, memorial garden
    memorial to englands greatest ever captain

    and where next, well theres only one place isn't there

    we've probably had this location before but 100% sure we've never had this tag before

    clue : phweeeeeep

  • I bought a copy of the title deeds from the Land Registry

    not for tag purposes I hope? :)

    Interesting stuff. I also hope William and Caroline are not still in there...

  • This thread rocks.
    @MinhDinh should be nominated for some sort of award.

  • Hah, no, just intellectual curiosity really. I don't think I'm done yet, I want to know why it's empty and LVRPA reckon they adhere to local authority best practices, so they should be FOIable ;)

    Oh God, I didn't consider that possibility!

  • I think I tagged the location before, but it looked very different then.

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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