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  • Ha. My wife’s initials are/were AML. Impossible getting her a private number plate!

  • Old : Golders Green Hill Park

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  • New:

    Group tag with Donut! who can’t be @‘d because the ! is part of his username.

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  • Mrs Oat surveyed that church once. Excellent tag.

  • Golders Green Hill Park

    Well done. On a pedantic note, it's Golders Hill Park.

    You're out early!

  • Thanks guys! Here’s a clue too: this Garden must have some special soil, churches are popping up North and South on it.

  • It's one of those rare ones where an image search brings up the location and not 'hybrid' or 'bike'.

  • Old:

    Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb

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  • New:

    Dads and mums thread >>>>>>

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  • Hang on, think I may have tagged the wrong building in central square...

    Here's Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church:

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  • Certainly does look as if you tagged the wrong church first time round. It would really have been helpful if you'd taken the second shot from a lower angle, so that the dome was visible. For one thing, if that is the right tag, you've taken your shot from the other side. Looks reasonably likely it's the same one and @cgg will confirm.

  • Chas has definitely tagged the right church (tagging both of them kind of makes sure of that), although, as you say, it's not from the same side as cgg's and Donut!'s picture.

    Anyway, I'm glad my plot to get taggers out of Central London and into a nice green area for the lovely week-end is working. *evil genius cackle*

  • The first shot is taken from the same location as where cgg's was, im pretty sure. I was just facing 180 deg in the wrong direction!

  • ... aaaand a clue would be nice. I suspect the 'dads and mums thread >>>>>>' possible clue might not be enough. :)

  • Yeah it’s all good. I was kind of hoping someone would take the piss and do the new tag with the other church just by turning round, but hey :-)

  • In fact that did occur to me, once I realised that my first tag wasn't the right one :-)

  • Clue:

    Until 2010, this building was devoted to charitable purposes.

    Not sure what happens in there now; probably the metropolitan elite living high on the hog and burying their skeletons in the back garden.

  • Librarians in abundance a short distance away.

    "Only sing when you're winning"

  • It's a lovely day to go exploring.

    The founder of the charity which previously made its home here was a Methodist. Across the road is a Catholic church.

  • Old: The Loxfords, Highbury Park.
    Formerly Loxford House, the home of NCH Action for Children, and prior to that the family home of the Dent glove-making dynasty

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  • New: what happened next.

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  • Precisely so!

    Now I have a few minutes, I will go amend my photos to forum uploads.

  • I hope you covered up their telephone number to hide the 0207 sin.

  • Just south of l’oxford this one

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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