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  • On second thoughts, I will actually be close to this tag on Friday night...

  • In the pub at the bottom of the road?

  • Nope, 80s guitar pop will have to wait for another visit.

  • Don’t hold back on my account folks - my London visit has been cancelled.

  • We are collectively crestfallen :-(

  • Maybe people can't be bothered to trawl through Ludd's posts to find the old tag? Though, ironically, if they do they will see there was a lot of discussion around that time of the usefulness of clues for keeping the game moving.

  • Or they could just sensibly be avoiding that bit of London.

  • Two Buckinghamshire locations give their names to roads here - the road with the tag is one of them, the other is a southward extension and has also featured a poetic tag. Hope @JurekB doesn’t mind me chipping in...

  • Not at all, @Ludd.
    If this was novel, it would be furious.
    Livid even.

  • My first tag on months!
    I found @Ludd 's old post from when this was previously tagged and looks quite different.

    Old tag, Amersham Road, New Cross.

    New tag, another wall and another church.

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  • The way things are going, without a clue (and who needs them?) this could be the last tag for several months. Or ever.

  • No clues needed (yet!), I know that tag, will bagsie it on Tuesday!

  • Well, Will has a point, you know? Everyone should have a chance of bagsying it, and one of the ways of doing this is by giving a clue. Beagle winky. :)

  • You saying he's taking the Michael? I think herd ingenuity will help...

  • Definitely taking Mike and Gabe

    And they're not in self isolation....

  • I wish I had a quid for every time someone says, no need for a clue, I'll get it on Tuesday... and then doesn't. I'd be self-isolating at my place in the Bahamas.

  • I'm not crossing the river for this (assuming it's South)

  • Last time I went to one of Wiganwill's other private islands, he had me cleaning the pool in no time. And to think I'd done so much for the LAFCYT (leaveafuckingclueyoutwerps) campaign over the years. Once I'd got over the shock of realising I meant very little in the grand scheme of things, we managed to stay fairly civil, despite the very real threats and intimidation by some of his cotérie of acolytes, spin soctors, masseurs and those unnervingly sharp-witted people who like to pose as his agents, but really are employed just weed out the blaggers, naysayers and genuine psychos who constantly try and get near The Wigan. Heady days, but the hours sucked. I went freelance.

  • And if you think 'cleaning the pool' has anything to do with swimming, well, you've led a sheltered life.

  • On the basis of current arrangements, the clues might as well be a grid reference of where the tag actually is, and then fair play to anyone who can actually get it! Especially in the next week or so once the real lockdown kicks in and you have to start avoiding police...

  • Here is a quick note to help you find it.

    It is a church, but one with plain glass in the windows not stained glass. That gives you roughly the era the church was built, an idea of the faith/denomination (not sure which word is correct but suspect denomination) It is none of the chrches I though it was.

  • Logged on wondering if anyone had moved this on and was surprised. I am guessing no one wanta to use their 1 hour of government allocated exercise time to get this?

    Would've thought @JurekB or @Sparky would be all over this...

  • I’ve been WattBiking instead. And it’s too heavy to drag outside for photos.

  • Did someone once mention that a clue might be useful?

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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