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  • New: It’s right near the start of a dangerous sea creature

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  • I checked the map to make sure that it hasn’t already been done so hope it’s ligit

  • Why is Moremead Road of significance?

  • Historic Victorian gas towers (Bell Green) and fire (a house burned down there once).

    That's about as memorable as this post WW2 South East London estate gets.

    I was running low on ideas...

  • fussballclub's explanation is more exciting, though.

  • Good clue. Nice.

  • Trust you to turn it into a picture of a wall

  • Another clue: Thor could have bought some street food and some artisan knick-knacks from here before saving the world.

  • Damn still no idea; as I have a neatly following new tag clue: where Loki bulked up and it wasn’t with pizza.

  • Hmm. This clue is potentially ambiguous. Are we talking Zaphod Beeblebrox or Chris Hemsworth?

    Feels like the game needs help anyway and good weather has arrived.

  • Chris Hemsworth.

    Another clue: Kismet or kiss me? Who knows. Make sure the sun is over the yardarm before picking up this tag.

  • I think I know it. But am not sure and can't get Street view help.


  • Maybe not

  • Old: Greenwich Market, founded 1700, rebuilt 1984. Busy today and there was a table in the way of the original spot. Don't worry, fussballclub's top tube is meant to be like that.

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  • New: Possibly debatable who the lunatics are here...

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  • that may have been done already but not 100% sure
    if it's not declared a repeat planning to bag it tomorrow morning
    have a good next tag that i want to do, a rainforest in a warehouse

  • ^ that isn't a clue by the way

  • fox is gardening so you go ahead with the rainforest.

  • No I'll be riding - gardening was yesterday.

  • that may have been done already but not 100% sure
    if it's not declared a repeat planning to bag it tomorrow morning

    Hm, a wall was tagged very close by, but the tag marker for that on the map is actually in the wrong place, so it looks closer on the map than it is. Fox's is well distinct from it, if I haven't missed another tag that's not on the map, that is. I've tried searching for all the terms I can think of but haven't found anything else.

  • ... which brings me to another thing I've been wondering about for a while.

    So many old tag pictures hosted on other web services are gone. Should we introduce a new rule that all tag pictures have to be uploaded to LFGSS? I can't remember if we've discussed this before. I think hosting them here would make it less likely that they would disappear. What do you think?

  • old : possibly an old pub in hackney wick it's been abandoned for as long as i can remember ( i put a picture of this building in the modern art thread not the btob thread hence my confusion above )

    new : there was a seal spotted in the thames last week, this tag is within 500m of where the seal was

  • I agree all pictures should be uploaded to this thread. It's easy enough, and the older tags with dead links are probably from older LFGSS website.

    My only question is, should those tags still count? (I.e. no retagging of tags with dead links?)

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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