2010-04-25 Sun 10am - Revenge of the 50 Fixed Women!

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  • Girls, I'm really sorry but I'm still cornwall and can't make it there in time. I'm out. I was really lookinf forward to it too. Have a great day. 1. Clefty

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  • and 60.

  • yeah baby! see y'all there!

  • This morning I'm the epitome of HTFU, pulled my shoulder yesterday so just waiting for painkillers to kick in and I'll be there! (but quite slowly)

  • Sorry to read that Clefty. See you there.

    Not in the same league, but aggravated the hayfever big time yesterday so the sound of sneezing might accompany the group along the route. Apologies in advance.

  • ladies, bring waterproofs! Hate to be the bearer of (usually unreliable) bad news, but...



  • already started raining here (N4) Boo!

    emmajean (not hassan- too lazy to login)

  • Oh yes, the 'blessing' has reached Balham. Digging out 'proofs now :-(.

  • Turns out Mrs Digger is water-soluble...
    She wants it to be known she is not wimping out due to mild precipitation but her ankle hurts.

  • I'm out, sorry. Really not a wet weather person!

    Lizzie (not ed).

  • Megoid and I are still in, just quickly fitting our rear mudguards back onto our bikes :(

  • This morning I'm the epitome of HTFU, pulled my shoulder yesterday so just waiting for painkillers to kick in and I'll be there! (but quite slowly)

    what did i say about MOC

  • We are all in Starbucks round the corner, drying off. Ride's still on girls.

  • oh...! just woke up. I set up the phone alarm, forgot put ringer volume.
    I'll catch up at some point, later.

  • gonna head down and meet the ladies

  • Pleased the rain held off in the end for you ladies. Disappointed I got caught in the rain on the marathon ride and started to get the shivers so had to go home.
    Hope you had a good ride. See y'all next time.

  • Hope it went well ladies, my rib fail meant all I was good for was demanding painkillers from the bed. Glad the weather cheered up for you. So gutted and feel very lame for not showing up! :(

  • Made it back to Wandsworth with only one mechanical failure en route (necessitated taking the front cranks off - yikes). Oscar fell asleep about half way home. The recumbent and pedal straps held him in place fairly well but his head was lolling all over the place.

    Thanks for organising, Clefty and everyone, we really enjoyed ourselves despite the drenching at the beginning. Lovely to meet you all and hope to see you soon. Possibly also riding fixed if I can fathom the chain-fitting.

  • so disappointed that we missed it! we were on our way, and just about to cross over blackfriars when rachael took a tumble and landed on her head. happened right in front of a police car who was stationed there to moderate the roads for the marathon, so they quickly called for an ambulance and we went to the hospital :(

    i'm happy to report that everything checked out okay, and rachael is fine now, if a bit sore. it's such a shame because she had come up from brighton specifically to do the ride. have heard rumours about a potential summer ride, so we're looking forward to that.

    hope everyone had a good time!

    (the policeman had even heard about the ride because as someone either canadian or american had stopped and asked him whether the bridge was closed because she was on her way south to join a ladies bike ride!)

  • Sorry I wimped out and missed it... I don't actually own any waterproof clothes! Bearable on the 20 mins to work, bit not a 26 mile round trip. I will invest in a mac and be there next time with bells on (another thing I need to invest in)
    hope those that braved the damp had a great time!

  • sorry I missed it! was planing to catch up at the pub after riding in the morning but I got home fand I'm just to knackered to ride out to hammersmith...
    hope you had a brilliant time

  • Lovely ride despite the rain at the start. Thanks for allowing me to join and I got lots of hints and tips re bikes and what to do with the frame I have. Looking forward to joining another ride one day.

  • Great day and lovely to meet you all. Count me in for next time!

  • Sorry to have missed you today, though I got in at 6.30am...ahem...did set alarm and actually snoozed it. though if it's any consolation I did cycle from the wick to maida vale this afternoon.
    Clefty, thanks for all the organising and the hassle!!! Can we do another one soon while we are still having reasonably good weather? or just more regular rides like this one?

    Many thanks!!

  • West London is nice, but far, far away from home... Great ride though, and the jayloo unclipping fail was priceless :)

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2010-04-25 Sun 10am - Revenge of the 50 Fixed Women!

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