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  • That bishop move was the gimme. Good stuff though dude and looks like we go again in next round

    Good luck all

  • That bishop move was the gimme

    I've not slept since. It was pretty much this:

  • lol... well if people are good enough to be reading about opening theory in this round then I'll last very long! :-) Looking forward to it.

  • Hahaha, but if the queen move one step back it’s the other way round.

  • heehee dude

  • Looking things up after a game has started feels like (probably is) cheating

    It is very much not cheating!

    Just don't use an engine during a game.

    In these daily games, even allows you to use a book or an openings DB during the game. I personally don't, but it isn't cheating.

    Post game analyisis is one of the main ways to learn. Along with out of game studying.

  • You'll also soon realise I only have one opening strategy as white... it's very aggressive and difficult to counter

    You play the king's gambit, right?

    I had a good game with that against Jonny, last year. But haven't really played it since.

  • Yeah, I tried a few different openings and I found King's Gambit often led to mistakes by black (playing rapid), but I now need to become less predictable!

  • I'm going to have a bit of a bone up and then send you a challenge.

  • I totally agree that before and after a game the use of the analysis or DB is not cheating but surely during a game this has to be considered cheating after all the DB is a form of chess engine

  • I'm just saying it how says it.­at-counts-as-cheating-on-chess-com

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  • @elGreeno clocks ticking

  • I’m shocked allows it but to me it’s still cheating especially in tournaments

  • I'd be a bit miffed if the reason mashton routinely beats me was due to a robot helper. He's probably just better than me though.

    Yesterday I beat a random player who was ~1400. Which was nice.

  • Anyone else having issues with this morning?

    Fired it up for my daily puzzles and my regular loss to a 1300 AI, but isn't working for me

  • In daily play I use the opening book up until move 5 (non sub) to evaluate possible lines. That's why it is there and available, so I assume everyone is doing this.

  • Looks fine to me at a glance.

  • working now for me, must have been a funny 5 minutes.
    Noused up the puzzles anyway

  • Fuck, timing out of all my tournament games wasn’t exactly planned. Sorry.

  • I’m shocked allows it but to me it’s still cheating especially in tournaments

    It's because we play daily games, which are analagous to correspondence chess.

  • I've just had a rather disappointing timeout win against @JonoMarshall.

    Shall we try again?

    Oh, and thanks for the ELO!

  • I’ve come to accept that people use it and to be honest it’s impossible to police
    I’ve used it in the past for opening preparation before a game a friend has informed me he using the feature that gives you move suggestions which to me makes it an engine despite what claims

  • Nice work @doubleodavey. Stopped me converting my pawn advantage in the end game. Sweet.

    And GL for the next one dude

  • makes it an engine despite what claims

    An engine uses position evaluation, along with future game state searching, to advise on moves.

    The opening DB does no such thing, it's just an historic record of moves played, with historic outcome percentages.

    Whether the latter is "fair to use" or not is not the same as whether it is an engine.

  • and to be honest it’s impossible to police

    It's not against the rules so why does it need policing?

    NB, I'm not advocating for or against the rules, just pointing out what they are.

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