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  • Jono rocketing up the rankings with a great streak. Down to the last three. cordongole vs Jono with me left in a group alone!

  • T5 - fast and furious, it went fast, and i'm furious.

  • Oops, timed out against elGreeno in T5.
    Too fast, too furious

  • Yeah saw that sorry mate, was a balanced game ready to explode..

  • happy to agree a draw with @rhb in our first game in T5. think was on top by a little but then in trouble. glad to see the back of that game. good luck in the next one dude

  • Ta. Draw seemed reasonable to me... your Queen was well placed to threaten demolition at any point despite my material & position advantage.

    I'm pretty sure normal service will resume in our rematch.

  • Final pair of the never ending tourney started. Good luck jono

  • How to get in on this?

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    Join the club­ivision

    Then wait for the new tournament. I currently make them (but anyone can!) announce it here, and leave a week or so to sign up. We currently have two on the go so I predict a new one in a few weeks time.

  • You too! Fun games so far!

  • This is like the lufguss FA cup. Good luck both

  • Big upset happening soon in group 1 🥵

  • I’m pinching myself

  • I’m kicking myself

  • Congrats to Jono for winning the LFGSS #3 the never ending tourney. Firm trouncing in the final.

    Started the tournament with an ELO in the 800s and now boasts 1385!

  • Classic sandbagging…

    Congrats @JonoMarshall

  • boy got game for sure - well done Jono

    Me and @rhb nearly finished our game in LFGSS #5 so next round of that should start soon as think all other groups complete. I don't think it matters which one of us wins as we both go through.

  • Yes.
    Yes you do.

  • I'm up for a game against any of the other #5 losers

  • sorry dude. shame you couldn't build on the win against me. but @rhb is a hard nut to crack for sure.

  • Thanks! I only really play rapid and puzzles. You'll also soon realise I only have one opening strategy as white... it's very aggressive and difficult to counter, but then it falls down spectacularly.

  • read this as ‘Cheese’ and got excited. Oh well.

  • Cracks are appearing rapidly though.

  • As soon as I saw round 2 has started I was instantly reminded of my plans to look at opening theory before it did. Looking things up after a game has started feels like (probably is) cheating, and then later I completely forget again. Does anyone have a tip for some resources on this? I don’t really get on with videos, I think a book might be a bit much but something written would be great.

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