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  • No worries, good luck in the new one

  • @jonny @moocher @jb000

    I am refereeing in Sheffield and the schedule is punishing. I've set myself to "on vacation" for our games. Back on Monday.


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  • @AWu-Tang I tried sacrificing both rooks for the win. Didn't work out but that's probably the earliest I've totally committed to one strategy in a game. Enjoyed that cheers.

  • no problem dude. let's play terry griffiths rather than jimmy white pace. enjoy the action

  • I was curious how you were going to progress that position, it was continuously threatening, but didn't force me to stop my plans.

    It was a really good game.

  • Hey guys I’m possibly interested in joining a lfgss team unfortunately I’m gonna be too busy for the next month and haven’t played in years I may even be still a member of chess . com
    will this be straight forward and how’s best to make this happen
    cheers k

  • Cheers will do when I can

  • Apparently my old membership is still going so I’m back in fuck they’ve made it complicated
    next step?

  • Anyone fancy a couple of 5/10 min games now?

  • @mashton can we get back on with our game soon? I have good feelings about this one

  • Yeah, I'm back now.

    Will reactivate today or tomorrow!

  • Next round of T3 is greenlit.

    Good luck @rhb and others

  • Good game @mashton, we both did our best to throw it away. I'm fuming that I didn't win :)

  • Yeah, blunder city from us both!

    I just kept trying to give you my queen. At least you managed to grab it on the third time of asking!

    In the end my attack net was just too tight.

  • am checking if ted66 is on here

  • welcome to the club ted66 aka @littleK

  • Cheers guys

  • Are you any good? If not, I'll give you a game :)

  • I’m very rusty at present but yes to a game if it’s daily move or a move per 3 days
    cheers k

  • My five year old lad, Leo, played in the Delancey UK Chess Challenge this morning, in the under 8s age group.

    He scored 2.5 out of 6, which was pretty close to the 3.5 needed to proceed to the semi finals.

    So proud of him.

    Look at this beautiful checkmate in one of his winning games.

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  • Hey at that level are they playing with clocks

  • Yeah.

    Format was 10min with 5s increment.

  • Amazing. I'd be so proud

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