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  • remember it is three days per move. It doesnt have to be speedy unless you want it to be

  • Ive made first moves in my tournament games but it keeps returning me back to the start when i revisit the game. What am I doing wrong?
    Edit: wasn't pressing the tick button. Sorted

  • Just about to cross the line against @doubleodavey. Close for a long time. Wish I knew how to progress mid game, we spent a while felt like being too scared of losing to try and win.

  • @moocher, good game.
    Made a few to many mistakes when I decided to go for the win.

  • Was close - you could just as easily have been victorious

    Maybe play you again in the final of the tournament :)

  • Loving this tournament.

    So much fun once a game starts to get spicy and you ignore all the others for a bit.

    Last night's with moocher was very tense. It shouldn't have been, but hey we all make mistakes don't we?

  • cracking tournament this

    group 2 are smashing it

    my browser loves @DethBeard moves the most. always seem to be more rapid than others. brutal but always with a hint of dethwish

    good games guys. top stuff

  • Really enjoying this!

  • I've had a mixed day. Could have taken down one of the big dogs but threw my queen away.

    Great fun though

  • I`m very much enjoying it. Lots of games to keep track of and a couple if silly mistakes creeping in when playing too early in the morning.

  • Another brilliant game against moocher.

    Well played.

  • Games are more brilliant when you win them. But, yes it was good fun.

  • silly mistakes creeping in when playing too early in the morning

    I call my 1am errors late at night silly mistakes, but I guess technically it is early morning too ;)

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  • Wow you guys are smashing through the games ... sorry for my slowness to respond to moves, anyone up for spending an hour or so solidly playing a game this evening, after 8?

  • I've applied to join the hallowed ranks of the group.... as I'm tired of getting beaten by my 7 year old and wouldnt mind getting beaten by someone else

  • compodepanda? You’ve made the cut...

  • yay! i think....

  • I'll give you a game.

  • Sorry! Just saw this and the request on

    Maybe over weekend?

  • Sure. I gave it ages of time between moves so just play as you like!

  • ah - cool, thanks. Used to seeing 5 and 10 minute games (7 year old on!) didnt realise

  • That's a lot of quick games some of you are playing.

    I'm finding that my chess ability comes in waves, I seem to do progressively better if I get an advantage. It is easier to think clearly when trying to press an advantage than defend against one.

  • when covid is done, we could organise a bike ride to a country pub where we play some chess together and drink beer.

    that sounds like heaven.

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