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  • Finally decided I’d try out reading on a Kindle. Went for the paperwhite as it’s on sale at the moment. (Purchased with “Special Offers” and then contacted customer services to ask them to remove them free of charge. Because if I’m buying from Evilcorp, then I need some small victories.)

    I like how thin and light it is, and the inverted mode seems very nice to read. Time will tell.

    I am though baffled as to why they’d put the power button on the bottom, where you hold the device, instead of on the top edge. And the 90’s art store lock screen images that you can’t change - how have they not made an option to display the cover of the current book yet?!

  • contacted customer services to ask them to remove them free of charge.

    tell me more about this process...

  • Haha of course. I used the contact us option in the iOS app. Wrote that I didn’t think it was very clear that “Special Offers” were adverts, the human on the other side explained that there are two Kindle options for sale etc, and that to remove “Special Offers” the fee is £10 (or £20?). I wrote “Can you do this for free?”. They asked their supervisor and then they were removed.

    Take that Bezos.

  • I guess there is nothing in I can do about it so this is just a rant, but pretty disappointed.

    My Kindle (8th gen touchscreen) just mysteriously stopped working after 18 months. It was working one day and then not the next, no unduly rough treatment, it just stopped. In it's broken state it's just stuck on the Kindle "tree screen" and I've been through all the troubleshooting reset procedures and nothing works. Plugging the kindle into a power source and then pressing and holding the power button initiates some kind of action insofar as it prompts the LED to flash green and orange and the screen to blink between clear and black screens but afterwards it always returns to the "tree screen".

    I've just been through all this on the phone with amazon's help desk and they say that since the kindle isn't responding to the reset procedures, and since it's out of warranty, I just have to buy a new one. As a "goodwill gesture" to a "valued customer" they say they have added a 15% discount to my account but this doesn't make me feel particularly valued.

    The fact that the kindle has not been mis-treated, and the fact that it flashes away happily when I conduct the reset procedure suggests to me that this is a software fault. Certainly I have done no obvious damage to the hardware... it just stopped working. It just sort of feels like amazon could programme their kindles to freeze a couple of months out of warranty to force new sales. I'm sure they haven't, but from where I'm sat now there wouldn't be any way for me to tell.

    Contrast that to my old kindle keyboard that lasted 7 years without fault.


  • Have an electronics shop certify that it's fucked, then make a claim against your credit card company, with the claim that the Kindle is not of satisfactory quality

    I may have had to do this in the past

  • I'd look at claiming for that under the consumer rights regulation.­regulation/consumer-rights-act#product-q­uality--what-should-you-expect

    Just because they say their warranty is only a year doesn't necessarily mean that they're absolved of all responsibility afterwards.

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Amazon Kindle

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