Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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  • haha, amazing 😅

  • My daily commuter

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  • More pics

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  • Ratty Fort

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  • Nicely patinated Raleigh. And a suspiciously painted Cube behind.

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  • Tried to build a pub bike last year which ended up being a bit of a disaster (ended up being way too nice as all projects do) and needed an actual lockup bike as bike theft is certainly on the rise and need something I don’t worry about to use for errands.

    I sold my GT to @GideonPARANOID about 3 something years ago, he rode it for a couple of years before replacing it - he recently put it up for sale so I ended up buying it back.

    That kickstarted the scrap heap challenge project- and I’ve managed to build the bike entirely from scrap ( I work in a bike shop) or from parts bin. Wheels, chainset, shifters, fork, brakes were from “scrap”, mech and cassette , saddle, bars , and some other bits I had already .

    The only new bits are the chain (couldn’t find the one that went with the cassette) and the cables.

    I always wanted a bike with these shifters, I actually think they work really well and look awful.

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  • That's come out real nice.

    I find it crazy what shops will throw out as "scrap". I get it, time is money and money is scarce. Reusing components mix-and-match is a luxury for those of us with time to invest in making it work. But it's still frustrating, so good on you for making something nice instead of sending to landfill.

  • was my commuter/pub bike for a good few years, now with a friend

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  • Yay! Malaysians in bike shops! Since when?

  • You've accidentally made a really nice pub bike again.

  • You would be amazed what we get left with. Pre-covid if customers left stuff they didn’t want we would take anything worthwhile to bike jumbles, with the covid bike madness and restrictions that stopped.

    We keep a box of derailleurs, levers and shifters for spares which enable us to scavenge parts for other repairs or supply people with hard to find bits (we just give these FOC) and any unusable metal gets collected by a local scrap man who splits up the materials and weighs it in (again something we used to do ourselves but not really worth the time).

    There’s also my stash, when I spot something going to waste that I think deserves better i pop it in a box of bits I keep.

    So don’t worry, it’s not going to landfill. But yes, I definitely thought this was a good use of the various bits and it was a fun exercise rummaging through bits.

  • Yeah, been in bike shops a few years now. I work at Woodrup’s, so a proper bike shop. We bought Bob Jackson a couple of years back and are just working on re-launching the range of frames so it’s nice and varied.

  • Hoping the local bike thieves disagree

  • You've accidentally made a really nice pub bike again.


  • Working in a shop is an unfair advantage, the rest of us have to rely on our wits and unhealthy hording compulsions...

  • Balances out the pay a little bit

  • But most of that still ends up in the till. Well it did for me.

  • Ratty chain

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  • was gonna say is too nice but just crusty till i saw the candle stick seatpost...

  • Well nice! Any 50cm-ish Bob Jackson you wanna rid off?

  • At Hop Kingdom yesterday night.

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  • Some sort of homemade e-bike with some sort of wheelie bar like a drag car spotted the other day at the climbing wall.

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Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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