Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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  • Just ride it for five years, use clunky iron chain to lock it several times a day, replace worn out things in non-matching colours, "fix" stuff with gaffer tape as much as possible and then come back

  • I like it. Mainly because of the bar tape and the jockey wheel combo, but also the pointless cassette and brifters, and the general parts-bin / that'll do vibes.

    Solid work for £17 : )

  • Ahh noo, my old bike. Tough luck mate.

  • So this happened on Thursday. Found my bike locked up 5 mins from where it was stolen a week earlier, secured by my cable lock (my initials are sharpied on it) and a padlock. sadly my rack and front basket were gone, but still had the same electrical tape and cable ties holding it together (I quickly put my D lock on it when I saw it there).

    This is a photo of the PCSO trying to cut it free with a pair of scissor... it’s now at the station (after they finally found bolt cutters), and they said I’d hopefully get it back in the next few weeks.

    @wintyDono it’s great to know I can trace the sale chain back to you - might have to prove that! Long shot, but don’t suppose you have the LFGSS advert from when you sold it to @mk1mark?

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  • Scissors 😂

  • They are trauma shears aren’t they? Probably wouldn’t have been too far off doing the job.

  • Found my bike


  • it’s now at the station (after they finally found bolt cutters), and they said I’d hopefully get it back in the next few weeks.

    How come they're keeping it for a few weeks?

  • That’s made my day! Your bike triggered my recent burning desire for a budget Rigid 26er (Which I’m currently now putting together).

    Love the effort with the scissors :-D

  • New parts-bin build for bad-weather commuting and locking up outside without having to worry too much.

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  • Bad effort at fitting the rear GB mudguard ;)

  • bad-weather commuting

    ..are you commuting through tempelhof airfield? Nice!

    That bike needs an orange front mudguard!

  • The photo was taken on its first test ride. My commute is alongside but not on the airfield itself though. I do have the original orange stem to counter-balance the rear, but I swapped it for a longer stem because of the sweepy bars and short top tube.

  • Consider bright orange bartape?

  • The reason its running brifters using them as brakes and using a cassette instead off a singlespeed kit to keep cost down. It's a right cheap as chips bike build. the fizik bartape was a bargain find on wiggle £7.99. Perfect timing with Sam Bennett winning the sprinters green jersey🤗

  • Nah, orange grips would draw unnecessary attention to the bike when locked up and I’m not planning to spend any money on this. Except for a slightly longer seatpost since the current one is a little too short and already past the min. insertion.

  • Love that space! Could spend days just chilling on the grass, mind the torrential rain though!

  • @boredom mainly paperwork I think. I'd reported it missing after it got stolen, but hadn't registered it, so they need to check a few things. I also have to send them pics of the bike to confirm it's mine etc.. Fingers crossed.

  • Stem is fugly, otherwise fucking rad.

  • New tyres, saddle, seatpost and brake

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  • New crank next?

  • I'm quite happy with the £20 I spent on that chainset. I'll have to change the chainring soonish though, the teeth are starting to get a bit sharkey

  • Locked up my old Condor next to a bike giving off strong "on here" vibes this afternoon.

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  • woop

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Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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