Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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  • My wrists ache when I see the angle of those bars but otherwise that's a great stretch limo of a ride

  • Plastic cup mudguard?

  • Commuter for the moment

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  • Catches the spray and saves it for drinking later

  • Have retired my GT as the headset is screwed and fork is slightly out of line making the v brake difficult to line up. Had this old Raleigh frame (501 I think) lying around, which I’ve built up geared in the past but never really ridden much .Transferred most the parts over, it’s all parts bin. Have some rival cranks to go on As well. These 35mm tyres just about fit under the 105 brakes, although I feel they will rub when cabled up. What’s the max tyre size someone has managed to fit under these?

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  • Sounds like you hit the Max? Maybe try 32?

    Edit, ah you mean with different brakes.. ignore meh

  • No I do intend to keep the same brakes. I’ll probably try and pick up some cheap 32 mm tyres but trying to not spend a penny

  • Amsterdam is full of rat bikes but stunt pegs is a first

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  • Thank you. Will update with pics when I finish building it up. Should have a basket, just deciding to mount it to a pelago rack or go back to the wald stays .

  • probably to give people a lift? Used to do it lots as a kid.

  • *

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  • That seatpost is gonna snap...

  • Pretty sure. Dirt bike is intended to be ridden without one anyhow :))))

  • Hopefully the rider wears some Kevlar pants

  • basement commuter build

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  • Very nearly there just need to buy a rear brake cable as I snipped it by accident when trimming the housing....

    This will be crushing the streets of Rotterdam when I move there in a couple weeks, had these Dura ace wheels on my GT beater but may tape over the logos to deter thieves as it’ll probably spend more time outside.

    Custom head tube badge I made from a tin and mismatched bolts on the cranks.

    Tyres now clearing brakes (front anyway). No room for mudguards but I think I’ll just invest in some waterproof clothing.

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  • Mint! Stem graphics are amazing

  • No room for mudguards but I think I’ll just invest in some waterproof clothing.

    As someone who moved to Amsterdam a couple of years ago, I can tell you that both is the preferred choice.

  • Maybe I’ll down size the tyres to fit guards in but no mounts either so will just get wet for a few months I think or ...

    @young_gun thank you

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  • Vintage Cinelli Ratty

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  • Waterproof clothing with no guards is still going to result in a wet arse from road spray. Trust me on this, I did a winter in some old Gore Wear cycling trousers and my backside was wet for 2/3's of the time. Won't PDW's fit with some modification?

  • Reader’s alert. Retrieved this from work today. Been sat in the bike shed for 5 months during lockdown and has dropped firmly back into rat territory. Disc has picked up some interesting spray pattern on one side from whatever the contractors have been doing on the side of the bike shed.

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Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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