Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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  • Let's see 'em!

    I'm embarking on rat bike project and wouldn't mind some inspiration - really solid beaters are proper bike porn to me!

    Favouritism given to rusty machines... where's that rusty fuji?

  • No!No!No!

  • I ventured out of the forum 24... it was fun. :D

  • frankenbike you say?

  • These aren't ratbikes....

  • A frankenbike and a beater?

  • Forum reading fail.

    Only really expensive Jap bikes can qualify as rat bikes.

    Don't worry you'll learn.

  • Second time I've posted this pic today. Skip find with a few bits chucked on it. Wish I'd left it lookin like this.

  • I know what you mean, I never should have wasted the money on respraying my Carlton:



  • Post reading fail.

    I said i posted a frankenbike.

    A bike built from parts of completely different bikes.

    But yeah cool rusty bikes nonetheless.

  • I'm joking. IMO your bikes are rat bikes.

    It's just that for some reason alot of rat bikes that make their way to this forum seem to consist of £1k of parts.

    ...and how the fuck do you shrink huge pics!

  • OH , my bad.

    those bikes are just bikes built out of my spares, i lent the top one to a mate who commuted on it for about 3 months.

    i used to use tinypic for hosting, but they have long captchcas now, so make a facebook folder and set it to private, you can still link it and theyre auto resized!

  • Second time I've posted this pic today. Skip find with a few bits chucked on it. Wish I'd left it lookin like this.

    what hubs are those.... nice.

  • Is that a Cannondale? I love it, looks awesome!
    I love how you have extra security for your saddle...

  • what hubs are those.... nice.

    Just standard formulas. 28h front 32h rear. Wheels came off my mates Schwin Madison. He gave me them when he upgraded.

  • Here's my rat:

  • i thought it said UTFS on your battery(giro?).

  • got a raleigh wayfarer today...

  • I fricking love this thing;

    Such a shame I have to sell it, was brilliantly fun and rode it on my usual commute (11 miles), hell it never get stolen and I lock it with a pathetic excuse of a lock and left it lying around for weeks.

    This one is a freebie, all the part were something I have lying around, the only thing new is the tyres and the front rack were also temporary as I needed something to carry, a nice little beater;

    First beater, brought the bike for £40, shorten chain, add some old bits lying around (like mudguard from an old dead Peugeot), was lovely and fun to ride, again sold as needed the money and deemed an unnecessary expense after acquiring a proper dutch bike.

  • The top one looks fun, the kind of bike you ride with a constant shiteating grin overtaking other bikes.

  • Brucy's beast: http://www.lfgss.com/picture.php?albumid­=1427&pictureid=8899

    ...and we have a winner!

    What ever happened to it? I seem to remember the owner/user saying it was just too steep to ride...often wondered if an old skool fork with a big trail/rake could have sorted it.

  • hello where do i collect my award from. The main problem with the frame was that it was to stiff

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Rat Bikes! Pub Bikes Beaters! Frankenbikes!

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