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  • As there seem to be more and more riders in notts thought we should start a group!

    Maybe get some rides / beers sorted.

    Just an idea...

  • yeah I would deffo be up for that not sure if Im to old lol 36 here y'see

    cheers for the invite

  • hell no! i am 34 this year! still like playing on bikes!

  • thats cool then, Im the same I cant give them up, ride bmx, 24" cruiser and now got into this fixed/ss thing too its all good though keeps things fresh and choice is always good

  • Well, there are quite a few riders I know, + those I don't. With summer coming on I expect to see many more coming out of the woodwork. Riding about Sneinton/Town on red Graham Weigh and a cream Carlton track (come warmer weather). Hope to see you guys about.

  • I am so looking forward to summer riding!

  • sun is out so Im getting my unemployed ass out on the road for a ride

  • Wish i could go for a ride!

  • wish I had a job lol

  • What do you do? i will keep my eyes peeled.

  • I worked as a sales rep selling into the construction industry for a company called cemex (the wankers) got laid off at the end of jan have an interview next tuesday so hopefully might get back into work, cant complain really go riding everday the weather is ok etc

  • What kinda stuff you looking for?

  • anything mate, my industry is finished for the while so just need to get a job so I can get back to notts, needs to pay 18k plus really as I need to get a place to live as when I lost my job I split with my g/f the bitch lol so had to move back down with my folks which was nice of them but they are driving me up the wall haha!!

  • I will keep um peeled

  • Well finally I got a job so moving back to notts ladybay/west bridgford area if anyone fancies meeting up for beers or something lmk


  • yeah i am still meadows based i give you shout next in the week!

  • I'm up for beers, Shall we FINALLY get something sorted out?...

  • well Im now back living in nottm so I am well up for a few beers whenever, saw a guy this morning on a green fixie, going over trent bridge bit vague I know, anyone on here??

  • Yeah lets defo fix a night for a couple o beers! (no pun intended)

  • Im off to alaska til july next week so wont be able to meet til then. saw a chap on a red conversion couple of days ago, SS as opposed to fixed, next to the uni, in a campag world champ hat... Anyone?

  • cool, drop us a line when your back. how come alaska? sounds interesting...

  • thought I would ask here does anyone have any clips and straps for sale as i need a set for my beater
    cheers if anyone can help


  • Anyone from mansfield/sutton area? dont think it really merits a new group bit of a one horse town... its nottinghamshire all the same.

  • Anyone from mansfield/sutton area? dont think it really merits a new group bit of a one horse town... its nottinghamshire all the same.

    I'm in Kirkby and over the last 3/4 years of riding fixed I've only seen one other fixed rider in the Mansfield area.

  • WOW. no way has it been 3 years since I posted this.
    Still not seen another fixie rider. There must be at least one though, the pawn shop on Sutton market had a fixed gear in the window for a while then it was gone.. someone must have it..
    Still looking for some dudes and dudettes for a mash.

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New Group

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