For Sale: Surly Steamroller

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  • recon explain what the fuck happened?!

  • fell from the sky?

    if nothing else this thread has given me an idea of my next frame to look out for...

  • i do not know the origin

    But you do know max, your profile shows you both talking to each other directly.

    So you know max, but not whether this is his bike?

  • i asked max what bike he was using for work at it fits the description he gave me exactly, so tell us where you got it


    can't get hold of him

  • he just left it at my house

  • "recon is online now"

  • wtf do you mean he left it at your house?

  • what, like santa clause?

  • he just left it at my house

    So this gives you the right to sell it?

    Shit... talk about a facepalm.

    Firstly, if you don't own something, then it's not yours to sell.

    Secondly, if you do sell something you don't own, you've just committed theft and then passing on of stolen goods.

    Thirdly, WTF! You know he's on here so this is where you put it up for sale? What were you thinking!

  • he just left it at my house

    so you decided to sell it?! bell end

  • I'm calling wind up

  • so it's a joke thread?

  • the op did smack of a wind up "previous owner was around 6ft4"

    panic over

  • We'll all wait for maxcrowe to let us know the deal, but what the hell.

  • I'm calling troll


  • hahaha
    just spoke to him

    dibs on the wheelset :)

  • my dad left his car at home today.... 10k if anyone wants it?

  • If this is a troll, recon gets my +rep...

  • i thought i was going to get a deal.

    btw what forks are they?

  • so can i still have the cranks :)

  • some forks he found at his LBS. uknown brand

  • BTW, he's riding his new bike.

  • some forks he found at his LBS. uknown brand

    I hope he owns them.

  • nice forks.

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For Sale: Surly Steamroller

Posted by Avatar for recon @recon