Hell of the North (London)

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  • And a good advert for fulcrum

  • I am that beardy smiley Aussie Bastard there and yep all is okay and I am also very pleased I don't have two broken arms !!! Fulcrums are staggeringly tough but even they are for the bin (well actually going to be hung in Rapha Cafe according to Simon Mottram!) as for the forks, 50kph into a half ton concrete block will do that. Thanks very much to the muppet who didn't bother calling this small, but significant impediment to forward momentum ! The rest of the Moots is fortunately perfect. I'd rather the forks snapped than the frame !!! Thanks to all those that stopped and said g'day.

  • was that the lump of concrete just before the climb to the feed stop? if so, i only just missed that too.

    As for not calling danger, I guess that's the risk of riding with 299 MAMILs with a death wish....

  • free raphe coffee for life?

  • I like the sound of that.

    One would assume that given the number of RCC members and experience on that ride (and this guy definitely knew what he was doing) that you'd think to shout out something like that though. And yeah just before the feed stop hill. That's the one.

  • dang ! i was 200 meters ahead of you and heard a massive snap. before when i passed it everyone was on a stretched single file and was signalling it. We all stopped at that point it seemed indeed pretty crowded around you. glad to hear everything is fine !

  • Tbh, we was following a few RCC thinking they would be experience riders and know how was navigate the course, however, literally 500m half the RCC members missed the pink sign to turn left, but more worryingly was when there was a car behind us, I shouted 'car back' whilst they were weaving two abreast the road, and thought probably best if they rode single file for a brief moment to let the car pass safely...totally ignore my advise and continued riding as they were =/

  • I guess when the only group rides are laps of Regent's Park....

  • Hello does anyone have the box file for tomorrow's hell of the north. Please can I have it. Regardsjoe

  • Sorry g P x file

  • Anyone doing it this yr?

  • Not on Sunday but would love the GPX to give it a spin when it’s not so busy.

    Sunday is Cobblemonster day.

  • A lot of it goes through private land, so not sure you can do the full route on another day!

  • I thought it went through rights of way on private land. So you can ride it whenevs. But it's been a while since I've ridden it so things could have changed.

  • A friend did it years ago, he said a landowner came out with a shotgun telling everyone to get off his land!!
    Rapha now (i'm sure they did previously too!) Seeks permission.

    Who knows ..

  • Kevlar gilet?

    A new niche

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Hell of the North (London)

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