More snow in Norwich!?

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  • West Pottergate and Bedford St is my commute, it's good The Wild Man has been done up, there was always broken glass outside there. I've been doing Earlham Road in the snow, nasty pinch points but all the side roads are still slushy and dangerous.

  • Ah I love bombing around Bedford and London street, good fun doing ped slalom. My gf lives off Earlham, so I am down there pretty often, it doesn't seem too bad to me now, but I'm doing most of the ride after work in the dark, so I guess I couldn't see everything. The roads off it are still slushy as hell though.

  • Greetings, people of Norfolk.

    Any intelligence on what it's like outside of Norwich? Meant to be riding from Diss to Norwich via Thetford Forest on Sunday, I'm not sure it's looking very hopeful with the snow predicted overnight tonight too, but any ideas what the rural roads are like currently?

  • They have not left their igloos?

  • ^^ Can't tell you from first hand experience, but I'd imagine they're mostly all rideable now, the only inner-city places that are still a little icy are those that are in shadow all day, so out in the country should be fine aside from those covered by trees I'd guess. Also, I know it's the wrong direction completely, but apparently Great Yarmouth didn't get any snow at all, so I don't think the whole county was hit as bad as Norwich itself. Hope my wild conjecture helps.

  • Not been out on the rural lanes recently but the snow we had overnight was only a light dusting and everything seems to be clearing today. It also forecast to be warmer on Sunday with more sun.

  • Excellent, thanks both. jdp that's exactly what I was hoping to hear!

  • Bump....

  • Plenty of it here in Essex, how's Norwich doing?

  • The lightest flutter. Bone dry apart from areas in shade/car roofs.

  • We've had a couple of inches here, was pretty bad early this morning but the roads are clearing. I was hoping I'd have to bust out the 38 knobblies and ride the Raleigh to work next week!

  • You can still do that :)

  • Very tempted to sacrifice the tricolour chainset I have sitting in the cupboard and run a silly spinny gear on the Raleigh with some super wide bars. Sunday project?

  • Just buy a fat bike. You know you want to...

  • Not happening!

    The snow we had last night has frozen by mine, made for an exciting walk to work as I deemed it too icy to cycle; turned out roads in the city centre are fine but the paths are deadly, t'was the other way round when I left the house. Can't win!

  • the paths were deadly, I found this out by falling of my mountain bike on the way to work... Smacked head on main road, glad I had my helet on

  • Ouch! Hope you heal up soon

  • Shouldn't have ridden on the path! ;-P

  • well considering it was 6.30 in the morning fair to say no one around, plus there's many cyclist riding down there every day

  • Two wrongs don't make a right. :D

  • Bump! Snow drifts in NR1 right now....

  • Got caught in it at lunch! And to think I was actually, maybe..thinking about going to go for a ride this evening.

  • It has been snowy here in Southwold... rank for cycling to work

  • Morning!

  • Not a single flake in London. I feel cheated.

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More snow in Norwich!?

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