More snow in Norwich!?

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  • So the weather has taken yet another turn for the worse, just as we thought we could get on with some decent riding.


  • 666 satan obviously aint on my side!

  • Shit nuts. Riding home (hit myslef in sholdar) wernt no fun. THat's the last of it thou i fugure?

  • Snow was gorgeous tonight in Eaton Park and the UEA. Really incredible light with the moon, too. Sub-zero tonight, by all accounts, so we could have some crappy ice for a day or two. Riding the mountain bike to work this weekend I think.

  • It was even snowing in Bournemouth for a good 30 minutes.

  • Shit nuts. Riding home (hit myslef in sholdar) wernt no fun. THat's the last of it thou i fugure?

    How come you are so drunk? or at least typing like a drunk.

    Tonights moon is apparently the brightest of the year.

  • Whatyaneed guys, it's Nitto Moustache bars and 28mm cross tyres. Enjoy while you can :-P

  • I went out last night and it was so slippy. At one point a moped rider thought he was going to fall off so me and my mate took it among ourselves to overtake a moped!

    Was a beautiful night though and you could see Mars!

  • How come you are so drunk? or at least typing like a drunk.

    I was pretty pissed, had 5 pints and a couple of shots with work folk before meeting you guys, hence the reason I got on my bike at all in the snow. But yeah, I mashed the keys a bit and went with it.

    Sorry I missed the moon. Nothing quite as magical as moonlight on snow.

  • And this was the most special moon for many years, for all sorts of astronomical reasons. Even Mars was glaring.

  • All right, rub it in!

  • Yeah was lush cutting over Eaton Park. Off road riding in the snow rocks.

  • Went through there again this arvo, our circles were still there.

  • Nice. Donuts in the snow.

  • More snow again this morning;

    Doesn't look good for the week either,­4

  • First big distance of the year. Just under 70 miles... Plus the first 30 were as it was snowing. Both Dom and I lost the sensation in our feet. It was fucking rank, but a great ride. When the weather gets better, we should arrange a huge NVS meet, and do the coast. Hammer time.

  • More snow.

    Just when you thought that spring time was looking imminent!

    Left for work this morning at 5:35, and it was clear (justa bit frosty). Within 10 minutes of my early morning commute, the snow started to fall gently. Got to work and instantly had loads to do.

    After an hour of reacting to the shit (no pun intended, I work at the hospital) that gets thrown at me I made a coffee and looked out of the window only to see a patchy white blanket, covering the fields across the horizon line.

    Would like to say I was shocked!

  • I'm fed up with the stuff.

    Planned a ride yesterday with Aaron got up all excited looked out the window and was gutted, then had more last night. Took me an hour and 15 to get into work. Would have been quicker if I had cycled to be honest. Piss off snow!

  • Lets hope this isnt for the next 1/4 of a year again!

    Who is fairweather, and who would brave 20+ miles in cold, snowy conditions?

  • I fucking hate slipping off my bike. Just the thought of going out in the ice makes me scared.

  • no leaning, y'all

  • So much snow coming down at the moment, none of it is settling at the moment though.

  • I expect Sparky to be riding one of them by christmas.

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More snow in Norwich!?

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