On-one external bearing track crankset

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  • Anyone got one, used one. Whddya thin of 'em if so.

    Can't find much on here using the search, they seem a fair deal at the moment.

  • does anyone know how easy/possible it is to shift the chainline with one of these external track cranksets? on one says 42mm but i need 45mm.

  • Very. You use a spacer. Either 1mm for a 44mm chainline or 2x1mm for 46mm chainline.

  • Thanks!

  • Today the bottom bracket supplied with my on one crankset exploded. This caused the left hand crank to fall off albeit still attached to my shoe.

    I'm not happy it's only been used for a couple hundred miles.

  • Did you have the frame faced?

  • Nope :(

    It probably was my fault assuming it would be fine. It can be rectified on monday when I can be bothered.

  • Does anyone have any more positive stories about these, or should I take Drewzy's experiences as a sign to stay away?

  • Mine's all cool now I've swapped out the bottom bracket for an ultegra one, so just don't trust the BB that comes with it.

    Though I should still get it faced but I'm too lazy.

  • Mine is doing ok

  • Sorry to dig up an old thread. I'm in the market for some new cranks and was wondering if people had any more opinions on these. Should i wait for something nicer second hand? cheers

  • Sorry to dig up an old thread. I'm in the market for some new cranks and was wondering if people had any more opinions on these. Should i wait for something nicer second hand? cheers

    I'm using one of these right now on my Pompino, and it's held up just fine for six months of daily commuting, BUT: the left arm retaining bolt fell out about two days after installation. Replaced it with one of these and I've had no problems. I also got the shell faced, which probably helps.

  • ^Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think my bolt fell out on the first ride. Bought a slightly more expensive silver bolt.
    Also, the BB is made of cheese™, but replace it with a standard shimano one and you'll be good to go!

  • Had mine about 2 months so far. Pretty pleased with it, although its definately worth getting your bb faced as with any external bb. The finish is a bit rough on the inside of the spider, but that's to be expected at this price. No problems with the stock bb cartridge as yet. The chainring is really nice as well. Nicely finished and not too heavy. Higher Q factor than the ageing dura ace cranks i had on before, but they feel every bit as stiff if not more so. For the money id definately recommend.

  • I would like to take out the end cap from the drive side, although having seen inside the axle it seems well bonded on so i haven't dared mess with it.

  • sorry to dig this up, but got some qns;

    so basically, face the bb, change to a xt bb, and a better crankarm bolt, and i should be good for awhile?

  • That'll do it, dunno about XT but I installed a 105 on mine. The original bolt was fine.

  • I installed mine with the stock BB and there is some side to side play, even with the stock preload bolt tightened down as much as it can go. It seems like the axle is too long for the BB or something. Is this because i'm not using the spacers? I though you only used them for mtb?

  • just to confirm... you tightened the preload bolt before the crank arm bolts right?

  • I also had trouble with the included BB and eventually had to replace it with shimano.

    I don't recognise your exact problem though, I was able to tighten the cranks to the point that the bearings would bind - but then still had axle wobble

  • hah yeah the crank arm bolts are tightened too. Dunno i'll bring it into a shop today and see what they say.

  • Ronnie: thanks!

    already ordered almost everything i need, short of a chain and i'm good to go...

  • General consensus on these is they're good, right? I'll only be using them for training /racing at the track..

  • mine are great.

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On-one external bearing track crankset

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