• I don't think they would either, if everyone was held to the standards of the very rare death caused by a cyclist then the roads would be a lot safer.

  • It’s an odd situation, wanton and furious driving, which cyclists currently get prosecuted with has a 100% conviction rate in that last 20 years and until very recently 100% custodial sentence rate too. You can only dream of a similar conviction rate for driving offences. All things being equal the cyclist conviction rate should go down. Obviously it won’t!

    I bet the average custodial sentence for a driver is less than 2 years, what can a cyclist do that is anywhere near as dangerous as a motorist in a 2 ton metal box.

    It’s just red meat for the gammons, another easy win in the culture war.

  • And Grant Schapps leading the charge and getting all the gammons behind him.
    Last year 520 casualties caused by collision with a cyclist, 3 of those sadly died. This was a large increase in the previous year.
    In 2019 100 cyclists died in collision with a car with 14,500 casualties in total. Not all injuries, even when it requires attendance at A&E, are reported so are not in the stats.

  • Jury of cyclists for cycling incidents surely, in interests of "impartiality"

  • https://www.itv.com/news/london/2022-11-­01/drunk-driver-jailed-after-hitting-ric­kshaw-and-killing-woman-out-for-birthday­

    "The court heard Balcazar Soto has four previous convictions for 10 offences, including drink driving and two counts of driving whilst disqualified within 10 days of one another."

    How those two offences don't get someone locked up, the mind boggles.

  • Head on accident on Layhams today. Driver of a van had hit a car/ people carrier, on the first corner after the police dog site heading south in to the bend.
    Looked like the van had gone straight on, the car driver looked to have tried to avoid the van and hit a tree and the van.
    Police and fire engine at the scene.

  • This is a horrible thing to happen, should be an example of why the courts/ sentencing system needs overhauling, offender has previously been 'through the courts' for neigh on the same offense numerous times. Shows that disqualification from driving is not enough, these folk will just do as they please regardless, courts need given more teeth.

    Currently in a small Scottish town where far too many folk D+D, all of them have been through the courts, most of them are stuck on the limit of 12 points but haven't had a suspension as 'need my car for x' excuse comes into play. License to operate heavy machinery should be treated as a privilege and not an entitlement.

  • 33% of drivers don't think cyclists should be on the road and 25% have knowingly driven too close to cyclists


  • Roundabouts - do most drivers not know how to use them. Drivers increasingly seem to think that the rule that you must give priority to traffic coming from the right only applies if its motor traffic. Just got beeped at for having the temerity to turn right on a rbt by oncoming motorist.

  • More and more drivers seem to have forgotten the rules of the road. It is the norm for cars to force themselves out of side roads and give you abuse if you don't let them out (when driving).

  • do most drivers not know how


  • 3 close passes reported this morning. Lets hope they get all a nice christmas card through from the plod this year.

  • They do whatever suits them and it usually isn't what your supposed to do.Phones,sat navs and so on.No indicating ,driving in the middle of the road.I could write a book by now.The British motorist is usually a .....

  • Had an usual one this morning, something I'd not experienced before - driver of a McClaren with not one but two phones being used, one in each hand.

    Is it wishful thinking that he gets fined per device? I'll let plod decide...

  • Just saw literal khama in action. Guy driving a car up to a red light, blatently had a phone in his lap as he was driving. Lights changed and a person on a bike was already infront at lights, because they somehow 'snuck' up on him (too busy in his phone) he honked them.

    Two walking police were on the pavement right next to him at the time, stepped out and put him in side of road for a roasting. Beautiful.

  • Haha I once saw the same, a lass was trying to park some exotic X5/X6m job, and really struggling despite the various fancy driver aids on a car like that. Nearly bumped a pedestrian in the process.
    Quickly became obvious why, one phone in one hand, the other in the other hand, literally using everything apart from her hands to crank the wheel around while having at least one phone convo on two devices at same time.

  • Just had my speediest NIP ever - submitted this morning and got the email just now!

  • Must have been a slow day at the station or shockingly bad driving!

  • Geordie Christmas drink drivers, unbelievable:


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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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