• A very satisfying feeling - some of them were shockers.

  • Actual prosecution or NIP?

  • NIPs only for the time being but I tend to find the MET don't push for it unless they can get a result.

  • The NIP is simply sent to the registered owner as means to identify who was driving. Definitely doesn't mean they'll be prosecuted, it might only result in the driver being sent a letter telling them to behave in future.

    I reported one relatively minor incident a couple of years ago - pointless overtake in traffic/being shouted at that I wasn't a car. Hardly seemed worth the effort reporting but figured they could do with a slap on the wrist. However, they apparently unwisely ignored the NIP...

    I am writing to inform you that we are in receipt of your alleged traffic offence report. Despite every effort being made within the framework of the law, police have been unable to identify the driver of the other vehicle at the time of the incident.

    However, court proceedings are now being brought against the registered keeper / nominated driver of the vehicle for an alleged offence contrary to Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, which relates to failure to give police information associated with the above incident.

    Court result a month later:

    Fine £660
    Cost £166


  • Black cabbie almost takes out a cyclist, copper wanders over & says "Do you know how many cyclists jump red lights?"


  • Cyclist is assuming the lights change in both directions at exactly the same time, which is pretty dumb even if they do.

    Response from the police is baffling tho'.

  • Reported someone for driving whilst an unrestrained young child was using the passenger seat and front console as a climbing frame. They were heading onto the sliproad for the north circular, so at least there was no chance of being in a high speed crash.

  • Classic police.

    On a local page plod told cyclists don't cycle on footpath (fair) followed by cycling is dangerous, be visible. With f all mention that motorists ought to leave space when overtaking.

  • Where do we report red route bus violations to now? Does the Met accept them on its portal?

  • Same question RE reporting LTN breaches and darkened numberplates. Stick them on the Met portal?

  • I think certainly the numberplates you can, as that's a driving violation. One would expect LTN breach also because it's ignoring a traffic sign.

  • I have had some more positive responses form A&S Police recently, they don't tell you the outcome but do confirm that some kind of action will be taken:


    Thank you for taking the time to upload your Dashcam footage which has now been processed.

    As a result of this report, I can confirm a positive outcome in that the driver will receive either a warning letter, a fixed penalty or a prosecution.

    Thank you for helping to keep our roads safe.

    Please note you will not receive any further updates.

  • A fun one from Tuesday...

  • Just an FYI the Met online team are drowning in mobile phone reports (500% increase since law change and seen a guy on twitter claiming 300 reports in a month) so are letting close passes fall away until they get more team members. Pretty annoying, but just a heads up in case anyone has been getting blanked when submitting


  • When you look at the sheer amount of deliberate and reckless dangerous driving there is out there, and the amount of police resource it takes to deal with, not to mention the pervasive sense of hostility on our roads, I don't understand why we aren't moving to some form of geofencing, speed, access restrictions etc to motor cars. The technology is in e-scooters and e-bikes.

    Perhaps fully autonomous cars aren't possible yet, but I would have thought it's possible to build cars now that won't allow the driver to do close passes, or rat run 50mph down a residential street toward oncoming cyclists etc.

  • Yeah I rarely see anyone else with cameras when commuting, if even 1% of cyclists had cameras and reported every incident, the police would drown in reports. Which would be great tbh

  • When you look at the sheer amount of deliberate and reckless dangerous driving there is out there

    yip, this is an interesting Twitter feed especially worrying as it is my local area


  • The best part is that while Surrey Road Cops are great for dishing out twitter sass, their online reporting team bins 90% of reports received, meaning their efforts are just pure waste

  • You want the police to drown in reports and you state they bin 90% of reports. I am not sure I get your point.
    New legislation enacted by government without providing adequate funding and/or staff to enforce it is likely the current issue.

  • I wish - sadly don't think it would sell though, as it's not exactly in car companies' interest to 'limit thuh freedomz' of potential buyers by advertising safety features which protect fakkin cyclists and limit the awesome power of the ICE through the accelerator foot.

  • Obviously never read the comments but they're all "but what if I need to go fast for safety".

  • I'm not against that at all if drivers were to actually get prosecuted for dangerous driving when they should too.

  • One of the reasons drivers don't get prosecuted with the more serious offence is the lower chance that juries will find them guilty. I'm not sure cyclists would be given the benefit of any doubt in the way that motorists are.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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