• I thought this was in effect already but looks like currently it's still only an offence to use for 'interactive communication' which is probably difficult to prove.

    New laws which remove this loophole will come into force on 25th March 2022:


  • They used to pursue mobile phone use up until this case:


    Hopefully they'll start again with the new law.

  • Thanks, they did mention a loophole but gov.uk is so black and white in "must be hands free" I thought I was missing something.

  • 25th March 2022

    I’ll try not to get killed before then, then.

  • https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/8959c­bb4-d3a3-11ec-b39a-dd0cbc8c6f6d

    Not sure where else to put this but in combination with this makes for sad reading. Wish I could get one of these cameras near my house...


  • Carl White…cafe owner…said “the limit is dangerously slow”

    Carl White, cafe owner, moron

  • *makes wildly generalised comment calling for a blanket ban on 20mph limits*

    *gets called out on being a bad driver*

    *clutches pearls and accuses other person of "super" generalisation about a nuanced issue*

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  • Driver fined £1,100 for passing Bridgend cyclist too closely

    A motorist has hit out at what he calls an "appalling" fine after being ordered to pay more than £1,800 for passing a cyclist too closely.
    Wayne Humphreys, 77, was fined and given four penalty points for failing to leave enough space in his Audi Q8.
    The cyclist recorded the close pass on a GoPro camera and reported the incident to roads policing teams.

  • Headline misleading as usual. “Driver fined because he refused a remedial course and to pay his FPN and then wasted court time despite being bang to rights” probably doesn’t generate the same number of clicks…

  • I don't normally report close passes, but I've had enough and reported 3 in the past 3 rides. All of which were on wide quiet roads, absolutely no reason for at least 1.5m, but one was on a 60mph road and offside wheels weren't even over the central lines. Only takes 2mins out of my day to submit a report, let's hope it wastes substantially more for the motorists reported.

  • TFL getting stricter on cabbies and private hires on points and driving offences:


    Lots of wailing and gnashing in the comments.

  • Is straw-manning part of the knowledge, I've never seen a cabbie make a point without trying to shift the attention/blame onto some unrelated party.

  • "unlucky enough to get another offence" is laughably passive language

  • The dissonance is real!

  • Describing having to drive safely as "Draconian", ha ha.

  • Delicious cabbie tears

  • That’s too funny!! Thanks 😂😂😂

  • I do a couple of hours mtb ride usually on a Sunday morning on predominantly local lanes and bridleways. I have a maximum 100 metre stretch of main road and have had several very close passes recently. I have started fitting my rear camera again and had yet another today (not the worst but still bloody close).

    I don't know what it is about this particular stretch of road. Just uploaded to Avon & Somerset Police (who are actually very good with following these incidents up). Hopefully the bellend will get a letter soon.

  • on the topic of close passes, am I the only one who's resolved to playing chicken with cars coming by? I don't know if it's done much, but basically when I see a car still far behind me but on a road with narrow/no bike lane, I kinda get into the middle of the lane (looking back v frequently of course), and kinda ease back to the left as the car approaches?

  • and kinda ease back to the left as the car approaches?

    I would stay out if the road was narrow

  • Coming up Copenhagen street today, me at the front, five 10 yr old kids behind me and another instructor at the back, taking up the space indicated by the black line, uphill , approaching a bend.. There's cars behind us and cars and a bus coming the other way. A driver decided to overtake and, surprise surprise, couldn't make it so ended up wedged between us and the oncoming traffic. At which point I saw there was a police car behind the bus, so I looked the coppers and pointed back at the stuck driver with a sort of wtf? expression. Looking back I saw that as they got to the idiot driver they stopped and wound down the window to have a word with him. God, that was sweet.

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  • Know what you mean - bossing the circumstances a bit (to the extent possible). You can tell so much as well by engine tone as a vehicle approaches.

  • I used to help with my local youth cycling club when my boys were younger and it used to scare the hell out of me sometimes. The disregard some drivers show towards cyclists is amplified many times when you are riding with kids.

    Respect to you and everyone else who encourages children to ride bikes on roads. The sad thing is it shouldn't be a big deal but we are (on the whole) a nation of intolerant metal box dwellers.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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