• Yep. I've had the "I was nowhere near you" "You hit my car" discussion a number of times.

  • I'm so confused right now

  • Roads Policing Unit (RPU) - Surrey Police - UK

    5h That’s an easy one.

    Drivers fault all day long.

    We’d expect the driver to be questioned for the offence of driving
    without due care and attention at minimum.


    I think that tweet may make Cheshire Police cross.

  • Exactly. I suspect the reason he didn’t want to use the lane was because he knew the road and hence also knew the lane was going to end, risking a squeeze. But by not using it he has wound up this idiot behind him.

  • (Posted on previous page)

  • AT the point that she refuses to give insurance details, I'd be calling the police.

  • Police attended I believe. Made no difference

  • We need AC12 on the case

  • Police attended and told the cyclist he shouldn't jump reds.

  • Before advising that wearing lycra is basically asking for it.

  • Got pulled out on along Camberwell New Road this morning, driver didn’t check the bike lane or road for that matter. Front wheel is now toast as I went straight into the side of them and then they run it over after speeding off. Called police and have reported but doubt anything will come of it.

    Was a black Volkswagen reg started with LD21 and now has a me shaped dent in the rear drivers side door.

    Just as I was considering swapping my bike insurance over to a specific policy instead of being tacked onto the home insurance. The excess makes the claim feel like it’s not worth it(especially losing my no claims)

  • I've spotted a couple of LGV drivers on the phone recently and pinged an email off to the company. Most of the time I don't respond to phone use when driving (there's just too much of it to deal with), but seeing professional drivers on the phone while controlling vehicles of that size through busy public places absolutely boils my piss. The first company didn't respond, but the second company sent this back:

    "Good Morning [ffm],

    I can confirm our London Depot has now spoken to the driver and come back to me with the outcome.
    Please be assured that we do take any reports like this seriously and we do not condone our drivers breaking any laws in place.
    The driver has been given an official warning which has been logged onto their personal file.
    Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.
    Kind Regards"

    I'm chuffed that they've done something, but simultaneously concerned that they did so just on the basis of a description of the time and place (pretty precisely) and a less precise description of the driver, without any video/photo backup. Does anyone else worry that this could be open to abuse.

  • considered they might have cameras in the cab? or the driver admitted to it when asked?

  • They haven't fired him. Presumably they wouldn't take any real action without multiple reports or some other evidence.

    If you're worried about verbal eyewitness evidence being open to abuse you probably shouldn't look too closely at the court system.

  • Coincidence - on the news now

    A27 crash: Lorry driver caught on camera texting before collision https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-su­ssex-57988029

  • More footage from his cab cam was released by Sussex Roads Police and makes for some scary viewing: https://twitter.com/SussexRoadsPol/statu­s/1420001443512262658

  • That’s bad.

  • Hope he never drives again.
    Surprised he survived, not wearing a seat belt.


  • Pity he survived, not wearing a seat belt.


  • That's awful.
    Presumably no one died because the van was armoured/more robust being a prisoner transit van.
    If that had been a minibus/people carrier..

  • What scares me most is not knowing how many lorry drivers drive like this.

  • did he not know he was being filmed? or worse - he knew he was being filmed and still gave 0 fuxz?

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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