• Just for the sake of finality - a year or so back I had a run in with a guy who ended up jumping out his car & taking a swing at me after I started filming his reg. - only casualty of the day was my phone which was stomped upon during the exchange (while still recording, thankfully - it's last hurrah, rip brave Nokia you took one for the team).

    Last week I got a notification from the PF that he'd admitted criminal damage & assault and a cheque for £500 for my inconvenience, which I will naturally spend on bike parts.

    Top tip - if you need to take a pic of someone's plate with a phone, take a moving one - if things go south it's going to be inconvenient to start thinking about taking a video when some mad bastard is chasing you down the street.

  • Riding back through Croydon yesterday I almost got wiped out by a Nissan Micra. While riding up a long 2% ramp I saw the Nissan coming fast downhill with RH indicator flashing, aiming for the turning that I could see ahead on my left. It did not slow down very much at all, then just started to turn across me. I realised it was on a collision course and I yelled something like "heyheyHEYHEYHAAAAARGH". It passed maybe 1-2 inches behind me. I think a crash was averted by me accelerating a little and the Nissan lifting off the accelerator.

    I looked back to that turning and could see the driver raise an arm in a "what the fuck" kind of way. I was already on a climb and there was no damage so I just pushed on, making good use of the adrenaline. I then checked and saw my front light was off - the battery had obviously run flat. But it was only 4pm and I had full sun in my face so I was quite visible. I guess the chap was sleepy after a big roast dinner?

  • Avon and Somerset police won’t accept footage after 7 days.

    I'm sorry but what the fuck?

  • It’s a madness. 4 camera angles and I just have to sit on my hands.

    Their internal policy and wider laws on timescales for charging motoring offences need a shake up.

  • Police having a cut off point for accepting evidence and not enforcing any timeframe for companies to supply requested evidence is laughable. It's either utterly incompetent policy or deliberate. It's definitely a problem that needs fixing.

  • deliberate


  • I'd guess it's because a notice of intended prosecution needs to be received within 14 days of the offence so that's giving a couple of days to process the video.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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