• If they are considered to be likely to ignore the ban then the police will keep an eye on them. Plus if I was the chap who got hit I would spend an unhealthy amount of time checking myself. If they're dumb enough to ignore the ban they're dumb enough to keep their regular routine so wouldn't be hard to catch.

  • The prosecutor's called Carr, no surprise there wasn't a more serious sentence. :)

    Quite apart from the fun with nominative determinism, it's obviously an awful case. Very lucky the rider didn't get injured worse. He could well be dead.

  • Quite apart from the fun with nominative determinism, it's obviously an awful case. Very lucky the rider didn't get injured worse. He could well be dead.

    100% this

  • Looked up an inconsiderate driver and their MOT has expired a while ago. Does anyone know how to report this? All the forms on the Met police website ask for victims or accidents - so far this is just one waiting to happen.

  • I reported a close pass a while ago and the driver had neither an MOT or tax. The Met told me there was insufficient evidence for a close pass prosecution and when I asked about the tax/MOT they said that wasn't there area and I would have to report it separately to the DVLA.

  • https://www.gov.uk/report-no-mot

    The Met doesn’t want to deal with MOT issues, it seems - many other forces seem to have a page where you can report it, but the Met doesn’t.

  • Shout out to the moped cunt who repeatedly beeped at and then punishment passed me this afternoon for having the temerity to ride two abreast down a road in an LTN, and who then, after I shouted at him to fuck off, preceded to stop and lecture me about how I needed to be as far left as possible. Was mega pissed off as I was riding with my partner who we are trying to build her confidence so that she can cycle to work if necessary, but it was super counter productive of me to yell at him. Fucking dick tho and I hope he gets shit on his shoes.

  • Something very similar thing happened to me the other day on the old kent road, someone on a motorbike tried to shove past me coming up to a red light. Had a lot of fun parking right in front of him every time we inevitably crossed paths at every red light after that.

  • Shout out to the Harley cunt who decided it was ok to ride up the coned off bike lane on Haydons Road this morning (having done a zebra crossing on the wrong side of the island and been really noisy whilst going nowhere).
    I love motorbikes, I was on a 250 scooter when this happened, but Harley riders really are choppers with their fucking stupid loud pipes, lack of speed, handling and dynamic ability combined with faux outlaw attitudes - wankers

  • Hm, sounds as if you're not very Fonda them.

  • There's a twat I used to see on my commute regularly before lockdown who rides a Harley through Chelsea. Jeans and loafers with an open face scooter helmet, the one with the little red tabs that stick up that the kids are wearing these days, and a skull bandana across his face.
    Blazes through every red light down Kings road. Not like Amber gambler, full on line of traffic at a red light and he runs it

  • He’s got a skull bandana so he’s obviously an outlaw, but then he’s got loafers on a bike so is obviously so not an outlaw .

    Why would you think to combine the two looks? (I’m starting to over-think this now, the bloke is obviously just a city banker prick)

  • It’s not London but I know there are a few Chilterns based guys on here. Please be very very careful around a grey Subaru estate, reg LD05 SMX. Cycling through Stoke Row tonight he squeezed about 6 offences into the space of 90 seconds including a close pass, trying to run me off the road, getting out and threatening me, then speeding off into oncoming traffic. He also waited up the road in a quieter area for me, when I saw him I turned around.

    I have the whole incident on camera and have informed the police. If nothing comes of it I will post the video here but hopefully there is plenty for them to charge him with.

    Oh, and apparently wearing Lycra is a sign of homosexuality. When pressed as to what was wrong with homosexuality said driver was unable to provide a coherent response.

  • That’s almost part of my commute and a regular route at weekends so will keep an eye out for the c*unt - as clearly that kind of shitter will take the attitude all over. Road safe and report it. Take care man, glad you’re ok. Also, just for extra salt, you could always drop a letter to the Henley Standard about it.

  • Thanks very much! Tucking into a couple of rare midweek beers to calm the nerves but otherwise I’m good...

    I ride through there probably 3 times a week and have never experienced that before so hopefully he’s not local but definitely better safe than sorry! He was wearing a work top (electrical company I think) but unfortunately I didn’t get the logo on camera and have forgotten it from the adrenaline of the confrontation. I think I only avoided a decking thanks to a lady who came out of her house and told him to stop being an idiot and do one, so I will drop her a thank you card tomorrow and ask if she’s willing to be a witness.

    Good thought re the standard, if I could just find the company he works for I would be writing to them too...

  • If you caught the homophobic slurs on camera (on top if the other stuff) he could be in reasonable trouble...

  • I did, I was slightly worried if I'd said anything I shouldn't have (can't really remember in the heat of the moment), but listening back I didn't even use any swear words, just asked why he wanted to kill me. I am hoping that even if I get the normal close pass lack of interest the slurs alongside him driving off directly into oncoming traffic (also on camera) will provide enough ammunition for the police to pursue it.

  • Probably worth reporting it the police direct rather than just roadsafe. Down to the police station and make a statement emphasising the homophobic rant.
    Good shout thanking the lady. Sounds like she deserves it.

  • Follow up on my adjourned case from here: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15485482/­

    Currently sitting in the witness waiting room. Arrive at 9:15 they said. Spoke to prosecutor: “you’re my second case, the first one is listed for 5 hours, so maybe we’ll get to you by the early afternoon”. I have to leave by the early afternoon because I have to go to work as I only took the morning off because you told me to arrive at 9:15 and I was told it was a one hour trial. “Oh well, I will tell the judge, but she will probably say that you should have known”. How exactly, by being a fucking psychic? There is zero communication from these people. I do not know why I have fucking bothered with this, next time a video report goes to court I’m just going to let it slide, it’s too much hassle.


  • Kier Starmer - interesting to not the police refer to it as an incident but a labour spokesperson calls it an accident. At least it was reported.

    Police are investigating a road collision involving Sir Keir Starmer, which saw a cyclist taken to hospital.
    The Labour leader is understood to have been driving in the Kentish Town area of north London when the incident happened around midday on Sunday.
    A spokesman for Sir Keir said he stayed at the scene until an ambulance arrived and reported the incident at a police station later that day.
    The Met Police said the driver was not arrested nor interviewed under caution.
    They added that the male cyclist suffered a minor injury to his arm and was taken to hospital by ambulance "as a precaution".
    Sir Keir, a former director of public prosecutions, is not believed to have been injured.
    A spokesman for the Labour leader said: "Keir was involved in a minor road traffic accident on Sunday.
    "He spoke to a British Transport Police officer who attended the scene and swapped details with the officer and the other individual involved."
    "Since the incident, Keir has also been in touch with the other individual involved," he added.
    The Met Police said it was alerted by the London Ambulance Service at about 12:20 GMT to a report of a collision between a cyclist and a car in Grafton Road.
    "The driver of the car had stopped at the scene and exchanged details with the cyclist but had left before officers arrived," the force said in a statement.
    Officers from the Roads and Transport Policing Command were investigating the collision, the statement added.

  • Impressed with Essex Police. I reported a driver, who squeezed past me going through roadworks by Grange Hill station where it's down to 1 lane, on Saturday night. Email from the police this morning to say the footage had been assessed and that the driver was given a "Course or conditional offer".

    First time dealing with Essex and this was way better than previous experiences with the Met. They also have a website where you can input your case reference number to get an update - much better than having to email someone chasing them.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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