• Ok, I've still got Docusign login. It'll probably want me to pay for it but I'll give it a go.

    £12/month is mental.

  • Alright, my expired Docusign account let me fill out the PDF and send/export it with the details over top of the cop's shitty Word doc. I'll send this back to them and see what they say. It's a bullshit doc anyway, meant to be filled out in a police station, not filled out remotely.

  • This raises an interesting question - should I disable the watermark on the videos?

    It's me that sets it so it's hardly a value set in stone yet the coppers seem to think it's a problem.

  • acrobat literally lets you fill in form boxes and digitally sign it, i've been doing it recently for some council docs - works very well.

  • I don't have Acrobat either. I have a dislike of Adobe software.

    It's all good Docusign sorted. I've sent the witness statement to the cops. Now I'm trying to work out how to remove the datetime watermark from videos by default.

  • Wtf is all the printer chat about?

  • Probably printers.

  • Best thread ever!

  • Bring word doc on screen, fill out the boxes using a sharpie on your screen, take photo, send the photo to them.

  • "We have now sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution to the registered keeper for them to furnish the drivers details at the time of the alleged offence."


    Thanks @itsbruce for prompting my memory on my old Docusign login and everyone else's suggestions and a massive FUCK YOU to the cunt I reported and the cunt behind who somehow thought that shitty pass was justified.

  • What we need is fucking moderators to stop thread derails happening.

  • Thanks for reminding me.

    Anyone want a Pixma IP4300? It probably works if you put new ink in it.

  • Good luck with trying to get hippy to do anything in moderation. :)

  • Satisfying conclusion from this.

    Guilty of failing to notify, 6pts and £660 fine plus £166 costs. Hillarious considering it's extremley unlikely they'd have been prosecuted otherwise.

  • Allowed to post footage now?

  • https://youtu.be/0VkaF25csE0

    Reported to Essex Police this afternoon.. it was pretty moody out this morning in the lanes.. mad drivers, alot of cyclists.

    This was on Painters Road near Chigwell Row, heading back into town after a tough 60km ride. the only reason for posting this is to warn everyone in the area to watch out for this cretin, he clearly doesn's know the Highway Code when it comes to cyclists riding two abreast and was behaving very aggressively towards us. My fear is that he is going to do something stupid that will hurt a cyclist. And he stated on two occasions that he was a police officer flashing a badge with no familiar logo, no photo, no ID number, certainly wasn’t wearing a police uniform nor driving a police car.

    We were right to stay put until he drove off. I think he was looking for a fight or weaponise his vehicle.. but we kept our calm, as much as I wanted to lamp him but the camera was still rolling.

    Silver Range Rover reg. number EX56 HNT
    stay safe everyone


  • What a mug! Impersonating police is punishable by up to 6 months in prison, or if he is in the police you would hope he would be disciplined for that. Wouldn't hold my breath though...

  • Let’s see what Essex Police do now that it has been reported. My buddy and me are currently furloughed so have time to make a nuisance. At the very least a knock on his door from the Police, stating that this is unprovoked road rage and he gets a caution and a record kept. I reckon he is probably a security guard or bouncer, perhaps booted out of the police force.

    If I was the law I’d confiscate his driving license and vehicle, until he attended anger management and mindfulness classes, retook his driving theory test. And if he didn’t, crush his car into a cube and leave outside his front door.

  • That car, fucking hell. Proper cuntwagon, unsurprisingly driven by a proper cunt. Good work on staying calm, and definitely the right thing to wait for him to drive off. You don’t want that stack of testosterone-riddled meat bearing down on you for a punishment pass.

  • so have time to make a nuisance

    Reporting this is definitely not making a nuisance! Glad you're ok, dude. That could have gone south very quickly through no fault of yours. Props for remaining so calm.

    Also the broken door handle on the passenger door struck me. Nicked or maybe broken in a fit of (roid) rage?

  • Jesus! what a cock. Well done staying calm dude, don't think he would have got out of the car to hit you but a prick like that wouldn't think twice about "nudging" you with his car if you'd ridden off ahead of him.

    Strikes me he's actually angry at the world because his intimidating physique and second-hand luxury motor hasn't given him the lifestyle he deserves, according to the music videos he sees when he's in the gym.

  • Thanks guys appreciate your comments, driver was clearly unhinged.

    And angry with the world? probably needs a cuddle and kick up the arse.

    You don’t want that stack of testosterone-riddled meat bearing down on you for a punishment pass.

    I have had that a few times (not recently though) after verbal altercation at traffic lights.. usually when I have stopped in the bike zone waiting for lights to change.

  • Would assume the police would take seriously on this basis alone. Keep us updated @almac68

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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