• Just to update on this - after another chat with the HR guy today, he emailed me asking if i'd had a chance to think about sharing the footage as they had another disciplinary meeting tomorrow & stressed;

    "As I stated this will only be for my own investigatory use and that of my colleague from HR and no one else and will be destroyed after we have viewed this.

    Thanks again for your help and apologises regarding this whole situation"

    Reading through some of the bullshit replies on here from companies who simply can't be arsed addressing their employees' conduct made me think perhaps I should be accommodating to those who are actually willing to do something about it, regardless if it's a face-saving exercise for them or not.

    News just in as i'm typing this

    Having just sent over a link to view the file, i've immediately received a slightly corporate but not entirely impersonal response stating they "are very protective over their company values & image, the actions of this individual are a disgrace & will be dealt with in the most serious manner possible. We will let you know the outcome of the disciplinary process & again please accept our sincere apologies"

    So, possible vindication for self-righteous two-wheeled motherfuckers everywhere

  • Got sideswiped by a van on my way home today outside the Lyceum Theatre, at the junction where Exeter St meets the cycle path down to Waterloo Bridge (silly set up there, had/seen quite a lot of near misses on that bit so always take it easy).

    Saw the van approaching the corner, assume he's seen me and the people cycling beside me (& all our lights) but he just keeps on coming round the corner. Managed to hop off my bike, which gets knocked over by the van and as far as I remember not run over. I'm going to check it over this evening for any damage.

    He was very cool about it all, extremely apologetic and we swapped details etc (he even let me take a picture of him!). Aside from a sore-ish wrist I'm most disapointed about finding something wrong with my bike, only had the frameset for a couple of weeks!

    My question is aside from checking the frame and all that, should I roadsafe tonight anyway or wait to see if there's any damage that needs paying for? The ironic thing is I was planning on fitting a camera later that I've had sitting around for weeks...

  • I don't know if it would be a good idea to Roadsafe it, others may know better, but this sort of incident is unfortunately one of the consequences of having one-way mazes like the one in Covent Garden. You always see drivers speeding along these one-ways, and they increase the potential for conflict at junctions. Glad it wasn't worse, but as with any crash, you should get yourself checked out medically even if you don't feel too bad. Too many people have found that they initially didn't think it was too bad, but there was something wrong, anyway.

  • I put it through on Roadsafe regardless, so maybe not all is lost.

    A warning letter from the MET is on the way to the driver, minor result.

  • A couple of weeks of the camera and just had my first Notice of Intended Prosecution.

  • You're really not supposed to set them up in the toilets.

  • You're really not supposed to set them up in the toilets.

    Don't call Milkwood Road a toilet!

  • Just roadsafed the prick who forced me to the side of the road twice today because I had the temerity to tell him to fuck off after he beeped at me for riding in secondary. Checking his registration shows that he hasn't paid his tax since Nov last year, not sure if the cops will be able to act on that.

  • Roadsafed a mopedist who got really rather angry and vocal because I committed the cardinal sin of pulling away from the lights when they turned green (I kid you not). Got a full on email back from the met with a crime number and officer being assigned etc. Normally for a roadsafe I just get an email stating if they're sending NIP or not.
    I'm so desensitised to agro in London that I had not truly considered what had gone on. He used his moped as a weapon and swerved at me twice, more to try and scare me I think. And was shouting threats of violence and demanding I get of my bike.
    We'll see how far it goes.

  • I had this email when I submitted a video after I was hit by a taxi driver as they left hooked me (think I posted about it in this thread) and after a couple of weeks was just told they didn't have enough evidence and closed the case.

  • Hopefully a better outcome for you.

  • It seems utterly chaotic with which roadsafes will go anywhere.

  • I'm currently back and forth with the Roadsafe unit about stop lines.

    "In regards to the stop line drivers have to check the road is clear before moving off, if there is no traffic that would be affected by a
    vehicle pulling out as long as the driver has checked and approached
    the junction with care they are not required to physically stop."

    This is in direct contravention with the Highway Code:

    Rule 171
    You MUST stop behind the line at a junction with a ‘Stop’ sign and a solid white line across the road. Wait for a safe gap in the traffic
    before you move off. Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD regs 10 & 16

  • Aren't physical STOP signs quite rare? Are you referring to a junction with a stop sign or just the dashed line indicating the junction?

  • I remember being taught that you always had to stop.

    I thought the point of a stop sign rather than a give way is that it's positioned in a place where you can't be certain whether it is safe to go without stopping at the line (e.g. obscured sight lines). In this case I assume it's due to the building blocking your view, surely the driver can't check on the approach due to that.

  • Exactly.

    At rush hour, 9 times out of 10 there's a delivery van blocking the right hand view too, and people just roll through without a care.

  • It'd be worth reading the appropriate sections of the laws referenced then:-

    RTA 1988 sect 36

    TSRGD regs 10 & 16

    The latter (TSRGD regs 16.1) seems quite explicit:-


    1. 601.1

    (a)Every vehicle shall stop before crossing the transverse line shown in diagram 1002.1 or, if that line is not clearly visible, before entering the major road in respect of which the sign shown in diagram 601.1 has been provided; and

    You can google "TSRGD diagram 601.1" to find those.

    I'd send something back to them asking to clarify why they think those laws don't seem to apply.

    TSGRD reg 10 points out that Sec 36 of the RTA 1998 applies to a bunch of offences including:-

    10.—(1) Section 36 of the 1988 Act shall apply to each of the following signs—

    (a)the signs shown in diagrams 601.1, 602, 606, 609, 610, 611.1, 615, 616, 626.2A, 629.2, 629.2A, 784.1, 953, 953.1, 7023, 7029 (except when varied to omit the legend “NO OVERTAKING”), 7031 and 7403;

    601.1 is the red octagonal STOP sign.

    IANAL etc.

  • Only recently got a camera on the cargo bike and filed my first dangerous driving report to The Met. I was surprised to receive an email that a Notice of Intended Prosecution has been sent to the registered keeper within 3 days. Hope they get some sort of fine for cutting me up.

    Then two days later a fellow thought it would be a laugh to drive straight at me, then leave a couple of inches leaway. Hopefully he will live to regret his little quip.

  • Just had a silver car driving down the road cut in to soon and side swiped me. Heard a bang and didnt realise what it was until the car alarm started going off. Nothing too serious, just fucking annoying as it was 7.40am and there was loads of room so presume the person was using the road as a rat run.
    Main damage that I can eyeball is the wheel arch but as it managed to shift the front of the car about 6 inches round hoping nothing underneath has been bent out.

    What's the policy, presume would need to claim against my own insurance? Is it worth trying to get the CCTV of he part Brixton Road as a cameras are there.

    Pissed off but no one was hurt at least and fingers crossed nothing serious damaged

    Also does anyone know the silver car model, thinking 3 door Fiesta

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  • Yes fiesta or maybe citroen / peugeot c3 model

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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