• It's a fair point, however it was a small hopper-style single decker, clearly not going anywhere, with a large gap on the inside. In different circumstances I wouldn't do it.

  • "You're going to end up in a wooden box". As I don't appreciate receiving death threats

    That doesn't sound like a death threat to me, more the usual expression of concern à la 'you ride so badly you'll end up dead as a consequence of your own actions'. It's obviously not innocent in that way; while I didn't see the incident in question, it sounds to me as if he wanted to transfer any possible blame about what might happen onto you. Was he honking and shouting before you got in front of the bus (i.e., as a result of the situation you encountered), or because you appeared on his nearside?

  • Why promote the Olympic Park as somewhere to get active then have a road running right through the middle?

    I assume you mean the 'new' Waterden Road? This is roughly on the alignment of the old Waterden Road, which was the main north-south street through the area. It was intended partly as a post-Olympic replacement for that (during the Olympics, it was, of course, part of the large concourse between venues), and was also the unfortunate result of lobbying by Westfield to gain a more-or-less-direct access street from the motorway to their development there. It was originally meant as a two-lane dual carriageway all the way from the A12 to 'Stratford City' (much as it is now in Newham), but Hackney forced them to make it a single carriageway inside Hackney. This is very beneficial, and Hackney tried to get Newham to follow suit at the time, but it didn't. I'm not surprised at all that it's also used by National Express now.

    Much of the shape of the area still bears traces of the completely outdated development orthodoxy that informed various stages of Lower Lea Valley plans before Livingstone hit on the Olympics wheeze. Unfortunately, once all this was shackled to the Olympics juggernaut, there was nothing any campaigner could do about it any more. There was an uneasy marriage between the Lower Lea Valley Masterplan, which pre-dated any conception of Stratford City and the Olympics, the Stratford City plan, and the Olympics plan, which was then wedged into the existing ideas and was mainly responsible for the total mess the area is now in.

    Don't know if that goes any way towards explaining why the area is a bit rubbish like that, but there you go.

  • You weren't there, man ;)

    He was very very aggressive. It could have been taken either way. I ride away from most things but this was bad

  • I must say, I go across this road at the crossing by the Copper Box twice a day and have done for five years, and aside from the occasional ignorant/impatient/whatever driver haven't had any problems. I don't even really recall seeing many buses or coaches along there!

  • My problem is with the crossing on Carpenters Road between the north & south sides of the park.
    I too use this park daily to ride without motors. Nat Express coaches enter the park near the swimming pool and cut across this park into Hackney.
    Did you know that last month they reopened the canal leading to the Greenway, that’s a major improvement to cycling without motors.

  • You weren't there, man ;)

    He was very very aggressive. It could have been taken either way. I ride away from most things but this was bad

    Of course, I don't doubt that for one minute. I have only your account to go on, and the way you rendered what he said made me think that it didn't sound like a death threat but like the usual patronising assumption that drivers know best and can tell riders about what they're doing wrong. There is often an implicit threat in this, as in: if I don't hit you, some other driver will, and it'll be your fault.

  • I don't have problems there, either, but I'm still against building dual carriageways and the problems with motor traffic from far away coming off the motorway. It's not my own personal perspective, but a wide urban design/planning/traffic management perspective.

  • Ah, which crossing do you mean? Do you use the bridge across Carpenters Road or does that take you too far out of your way?

  • I've now received an email from the CEO of the bus company who tells me he will ensure the matter is looked into and I get a response.

    I'm sure it will all be a whitewash but I feel like I've done as much as I can at the moment.

  • Glad you are OK! If you were coming from Blackheath into the main south entrance of the park (Duke Humphrey road), I had a very similar experience a few years ago, in the morning at the same time of year. In my case I narrowly got across the front of a coach coming from the left who just didn't see me - he must have missed my back wheel by inches. Not that it's any excuse, but I think the low morning sun in winter coming across the heath (or even just the brightness when cloudy) is in exactly the place where it blinds drivers coming from that left/west side from seeing people entering the roundabout from the south side ... a totally innocuous looking little mini-roundabout that is in fact potentially very dangerous at this time of year. I recall that adrenaline rush too...

  • Interesting to hear that this mini-roundabout should be such a problem. I wonder what its crash record is.

  • Bloody roundabouts!!

  • Oh, they're not nearly as bad as the swings. :)

    But yes, I may have put it on the record ever so occasionally that I don't like roundabouts (although mini-roundabouts are not really roundabouts).

  • Well I've now heard from the bus company following my incident.

    The drivers going to be disciplined for gross misconduct. I had quite a decent conversation with the head of the bus company on the phone and his inference was that the guy might lose his job.

    I said to him I hope he actually doesn't get the sack everything being equal (unless he has done this before) and that it would actually be better for him to be given a warning and made to undergo training to modify his behaviour.

    I guess he might get the sack but I suspect he is more likely to get a final written warning. if he end up being sacked I suspect he had done something like this before.

  • Good riddance, as much as losing your job before chistmas sucks, HGV drivers cannot also be cunts.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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