• Unfortunately as I say I didn't think to exchange any information when I was at the window of the taxi speaking to the driver and when I got my head back in to order a couple of seconds after walking away back down the road and peds asking if I was ok I turned around and they had driven away

  • Just received notice that the cops have sent a notice of intended prosecution to the Mercedes driving bellend who close passed me with inches to spare the other night. Enormously satisfying.

  • As far as I'm aware that's simply to establish the driver's identity. Doesn't necessarily mean they'll prosecute.

  • Bof. Cunty McCantdrive is going to get a letter from the cops and that’s going to shit them up much more than me futilely shouting after them as they whistle cuntily off into the night.

  • Pulled up at the lights behind 2 or 3 other cars and waited. A mouth breather pulled in behind me and was clearly unhappy with my primary position, honking and shouting to get out the road. We're still not moving at red light. I turned to ask what was up and he drove car into the back of my bike. Not much impact but enough to buckle my mudguard up. Got my phone out and snapped some pics then moved to side of road to fix mudguard so wheel would turn again. Knobface drove off, no surprise. Very disappointed by other drivers, who must've witnessed, swearing at me as they drove off. Team car delayed by self righteous cyclist I guess.
    Reported it police, forwarded photos and they've got back saying the will review CCTV next week. It's a big city centre junction with cameras, so maybe it'll be on there. I have low expectations of what'll happen but needed reporting.
    All so unnecessary, and leaves me further disappointed in humans.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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