• If you think of how much driving in London must be costing now with CC+ULEZ+Parking+whatever. Cloned plates and not paying CC+ULEZ for a month daily is something like £1k so it soon gets to be that if they catch someone once a year and the fine is less than 10k they are morally bankrupt but quids in.

  • I imagine that most of the people who get caught have also done something else wrong so the additional punishment probably isn't that high.

  • You’d kinda hope they’d get a criminal record with that fine. But yeah.

  • They might but then most driving offences won't show on a DBS and so would have totally 0 impact on employment/life, even if it did show up they give some comical story "that could happen to anyone" and move on.

  • I'd hope it would come under fraud of some sort.

  • What's going on here? It's not just that they're all running the light, but they're also driving as if there are two lanes. This is coming off Regent's Park towards Baker St.


  • It's undoubtedly the simplest explanation, that one of the drivers somehow misses the fact the lights are red and others follow them, a well-known effect in traffic. Here, I think they probably get 'lucky' because they're going through the All Green Pedestrian Phase, although that's not visible in the video. You can see some people crossing on foot in the background, but that's not at this junction.

    That there is only a cycle contraflow lane but not full two-way working is not good; I noticed that when I observed the junction a while ago when the scheme (which is generally not bad, although not without problems) was completed. The behaviour of the drivers there is probably a continuation of how people drove when it was two lanes in that direction.

    Obviously, the reason why the one-way (now with contraflow) is there is because if it weren't lots of drivers would drive around the Outer Circle to get to Camden, and TfL and Camden want them to 'turn right' at the pseudo-roundabout a little further on to go along the A5205 Prince Albert Road. As the filtering of the Outer Circle has proved terribly controversial and the scheme has been defeated for the time being, I don't expect too much progress to be made on that in the near future.

  • This seems more serious than the previous example and looks as if drivers (at least the first one, and perhaps others) are actively exploiting the fact that they can see no oncoming traffic in the eastbound lane. There probably is a bit of 'following effect' in action, but not in the same way as at the Baker Street junction, I think; there, drivers are driving through a red light without being able to see all potential conflict with other traffic (other than pedestrians), so it looks more like a genuine mistake. If at Blackfriars they drove in this way through a green phase for cyclists, that would certainly be a very problematic manoeuvre.

  • Boris Becker:


    While Becker doesn't seem to have crashed into any bike stands yet (perhaps for him the equivalent would be to veer into a tennis court through a wire-mesh fence), he reminds me so much of Jan Ullrich in the sort of trouble he gets into. Both seem quite similar in being pretty rudderless following their athletic careers.

  • I was back in That London the other week on work.

    Holy crap the junction of Oxford Street and TCR is an absolute clusterfuck now. It was a massive clusterfuck back when it was part of my commute a year ago, now its reach pure clusterfuckception. It's criticalclusterfuck. The event clusterfuck horizon.

    I kicked a taxi as I was crossing the road on a green man and he decided to just cruise right through.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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