• Wow. Do they work for a company that they might not be in sole charge of? (Some of these highway contractors are small.) You could also check if they're registered with the CIHT (https://www.ciht.org.uk/) or the IHE (https://www.theihe.org/) and route a complaint through those bodies. They take this very seriously, if you can't get any joy in going through their company directly (e.g., if it's just them in an office). What happened there represents a massive violation of professional standards and brings these professions into disrepute.

  • Thanks for those links. According to the call handler the registration number relates to a privately owned vehicle, and a quick trawl of highways surveying services in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire hasn't thrown anything up yet, but I'll have a look there too.
    The police have yet to contact me though. I somehow think the only way anything will come from this is if I do it myself.

  • Who knows, perhaps the car was stolen; I mean, why would someone who might be identifiable through it do what they did? It's totally bizarre to think that a highway surveyor would.

    The case might be interesting to police if it threw up other, related issues, e.g. if there was a theft. It does happen from time to time that people wanted for other things become noticed because of erratic behaviour. Fingers crossed something happens.

  • Judges have to apply/interpret the law as it is. If the law is bollocks then it's up to Parliament to change it so it isn't.

    This is not true. The UK operates common law where judicial interpretation of primary legislation creates an evolving body of law. Judges can interpret the law as they see fit and thereby create the law.

  • https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019­/sep/10/police-hunt-cyclist-who-headbutt­ed-pedestrian-in-london

    Looks like the pedestrian gave some of slap as he passed as he was running a red light.

    [Edit] Wrong thread!

  • police-hunt-cyclist-who-headbutted-pedestrian-in-london

    Why? Erry one know it's @rpm

  • Letter update from the police regarding my incident the other week getting right hooked/knocked off. The number plates came back as cloned so no further action being taken.
    So here’s the clip. I’m in the left lane which is left turn or straight over, he was in the right which is straight only. He turns left across me and stops in my path diagonally. Then drives off leaving me with a load of wing mirror in my hand and wrist.

    This footage is from a driver waiting in traffic going the other direction so I’m coming the other way on the right of the screen. Few seconds in


  • Hope you're better. So that's it, end of, driver gets away with nothing?

    Heard nothing about the Merc driver on the bikepacking ride, so I'm assuming that's a dead end as well.

  • Yep annoyingly. I thought a video and photo would be enough but apparently all you’ve got to do is use someone else’s number plate and then you can go around running people over freely.

  • That's nasty.

    Will the police be smart enough to add to the database to pop up on ANPR? Shit for the official registered owner though.

  • Sounds like they wrote to the driver asking for them to confirm details and they just refused going "wasn't me car must be cloned" and the police just went with that so they had less work to do.

  • You would think with a national network of ANPR cameras the police would be able to spot cloned plates based on them making impossible journeys. Then work out which is more likely to be genuine based on registered keeper and go after the regular journeys of the other. Might even be a reasonable priority since people cloning plates are probably breaking other laws while they are at it.

  • I did consider this. Perhaps I should ask them how they have concluded they’re cloned.

  • I would hope it would take more than that, tho if the car's make, model and colour are clearly different then that's that. Next step of course is the old "wasn't me driving", which is harder to disprove.

    And yet there are still people who think putting number-plates on bikes to identify bad riders is a useful and sensible use of resources.

  • I think normally when people clone/steal plates they go for same make/model/colour to avoid it being easily flagged.

  • Happened to me recently. Got accused of speeding in Leicester -had little evidence to prove that I wasn't there (freelancer), but luckily the car was just different enough from mine to prove my innocence - my S Line edition versus basic spec (different bumpers etc). That and I look nothing like the driver.

  • Also, https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019­/sep/11/man-69-jailed-for-knocking-teena­ger-off-bike-in-road-rage-row

    Judge said: "In the wrong hands a car is a weapon and that is how it was that afternoon."

  • Write to DVLA to get the registered keepers address.
    Go to address and check out the make/model of car.
    Obtain a solicitor and sue the cunt.

  • You can just put the reg into something like this online to check the car model/colour.


  • Yeah I’ve already checked the plate and it is registered to the correct make, model and colour
    Looks black but it was dark grey

    1 Attachment

    • CA70F6E4-A818-4425-A930-C134A024DCBB.jpeg
  • Finally the court actually handing out and appropriate sentence and the judge strongly condemning his actions.

  • apparently all you’ve got to do is use someone else’s number plate and then you can go around running people over freely.

    Depressing turn of events. I would have thought getting caught running cloned plates would carry a hefty punishment so who’s doing it?

  • Yes! haha what a tit, got what he had coming

  • As usual, the probability of getting caught would be the limiting factor, I suspect.

    Plod sees right type of car with kosher-looking plates and wouldn’t have reason to stop it.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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