• manor of driving


  • Probably bin them

    Heal up fast, you should be able to get compensation for forks, injuries and other damages so keep a record.

  • it is only an offence of the phone is being used for two way interactive communication

    What the fuck else is a 'telephone' for if not two-way communication?

    Distracted Driving is Distracted Driving.

    Say hi to your killer's legaliser: Lady Justice Thirlwall

    "drivers who are caught using their phones for aforementioned purposes instead being charged with careless driving or driving in such a position that the driver cannot have proper control of the vehicle." No fucking shit. Fuck me. We're fighting a losing battle aren't we?

  • Fuck 'em up, hard.

  • Judges have to apply/interpret the law as it is. If the law is bollocks then it's up to Parliament to change it so it isn't.

  • Hmm so the exact wording is that they have to be actually using the mobile telephone or an interactive communication device:

    [F141DBreach of requirements as to control of vehicle, mobile telephones etc.

    A person who contravenes or fails to comply with a construction and use requirement—
    (b)as to not driving or supervising the driving of a motor vehicle while using a hand-held mobile telephone or other hand-held interactive communication device, or not causing or permitting the driving of a motor vehicle by another person using such a telephone or other device, is guilty of an offence.]

  • Shit dude, hope you're ok.

    Second incident in a week i know of where another driver has stopped at the scene to share evidence, hopefully we can take that as a positive.

  • the other part is relevant too:

    (a)as to not driving a motor vehicle in a position which does not give proper control or a full view of the road and traffic ahead, or not causing or permitting the driving of a motor vehicle by another person in such a position

  • I just thought that meant you probably shouldn’t be driving from the passenger footwell or boot?

  • while using a hand-held mobile telephone

    So it doesn't say anything about communication has to be happening.

    Holding the phone is using the phone. Or are people waving around phones that they've turned off before getting in their cars (yeah right).

  • I did see a guy driving for about a mile and a half just holding his like a comfort blanket, don't think he looked at it once, even when stopped.

  • I believe that it may also include (and there is precedent for) eating, drinking, putting on makeup and using a map or sat nav. IANAL, etc, etc...

    Edit: also fluffy dice

  • Have someone at a bike shop bin them and claim from MIB?

  • Not even a response from the police yet

  • You must be kidding. Report a hit and run 3 days ago and no response?

  • Properly lost my shit today. Coming back from the park with my three year old on a seat behind me on a 20mph residential street, almost right outside my house, car drives straight at me head on, at speed, just missed. I offload some strong abuse in their direction. Two youths get out 19/20 year olds and start threatening (to fire bomb my house) and trying to fight me. They've then ridden round the block a few times to try and see where I live, we get into it again round the corner.
    I'm not proud of my reaction at all. Definitely escalated it and put me and son in a dangerous situation. Stupid thing is, if I was on my own I might've let it go, zen cyclist and all that. 40 years old, two kids, still learning

  • Hope you've told the police mate.

  • I got the reg and rang it through to 101. I've since realised the driver is the son of the local corner shop owner. Guess I'll pop round for a chat with dad tomorrow

  • Lol, worth a free packet of monster munch and a freddo at least, depending on current prices.

  • Went to the shop this afternoon, had chat with laddo, we've kissed and made up. Hopefully the end of it. It's been good to reflect on my own behaviour, i need to let more of it go and stop trying to police the road -calling out close passers and mobile users. We'll see

  • Good outcome. Hopefully he's also seen that cyclists are real people and not some sort of target for laughs

  • Does anyone have a spare/old battery for an Apeman?

  • Unexpected comment

    [Bah] New page fail

  • Yeah, it was a little random.
    Apeman being a sports camera rather than a giant vibrator though. My battery has given in and I know a few people have/had the same camera.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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