• Well, you know where the guy lives, so...

  • Damn, sausage companies are getting very bold with the serving "suggestions" on the front of their packaging haha.

  • 11hrs and nobody has said rep, awful.

  • How is anyone supposed to be impressed by just one frozen sausage? It's lazy posting, that's what it is.

  • The bus company claimed they couldn’t give me a copy of the CCTV as it has other individuals in it. Therefore it would breach the Data Protection Act.

    The ICO advise me that they have to pixelate/remove anyone else’s data in order to fulfil my subject access request for the footage.

    I replied to their email explaining this and I’ve had no response. So now I’ve made a formal complaint with ICO.

  • Please update this when you get news.

  • Just got an email today they are working on blurring the faces of other individuals and will be sending a copy the CCTV footage when they are done.

  • Also got another email from another bus company who I had emailed a complaint to regarding a bus pulling out in front of me. I also requested the CCTV footage.

    This is their reply:

    “I have fully investigated your query today and we have reviewed this CCTV and there are no incidents involving any cyclists. We could also not identify you in the CCTV with your description given. So unfortunately we would not be able to release any CCTV to yourself for GPDR reasons as you are not in the CCTV.”

    They seem to be claiming my incident with the bus never happened and I don’t exist? Wtf.

    After the bus pulled out, it stopped 30seconds down the road at another bus stop. So I pulled up to the drivers window and just said you pulled over very close to me down the road.

    How can they not see any of that?

  • Some older buses don't have CCTV covering much of the outside, including close to the body where you might have been. I found this when filing a claim. You could see me passing a window, just about, but not much more than that.

    Incidentally, that company was perfectly happy to supply me with the un-blurred footage, at a 'processing' cost of £10. My solicitors could get hold of it for free.

  • There shouldn’t be a processing fee.

  • Contact the ICO and take advice. They seem to be scant with the truth. I would have expected CCTV looking forward from the drivers point of view.

  • Yesterday asshole on van overturn me 20 cm away was a bit scarry. I was in mood to catch a driver but traffic lights were green.

    If you have to overturn cyclist in small distance away pls do it not in FAST SPEED

  • Yesterday asshole on van overturn me 20 cm away was a bit scarry. I was in mood to catch a driver but traffic lights were green.

    If you have to overturn cyclist in small distance away pls do it not in FAST SPEED



  • The first bus company I contacted emailed 3 video files today of the CCTV footage I requested.

    The second video clip really shows how much the bus driver cut me up and put myself in a dangerous situation between the bus and curb.

    The bus company said they spoke with the bus driver. But now after seeing the footage I kind of want to submit it to the police. It happened on the 20th March, has is been too long to make a report?

    EDIT - removed the footage as I’ve submitted a “dangerous driving” police report online.

  • You can report it. Not so sure about posting the evidence here though. May be best to remove it for now.

    Looks like the bus pulled out to overtake you and had to pull in when a car came the other way. Not so sure he was trying to kill you etc. Not the best driving though.

  • This kind of overtake pisses me off so much...there are solid white lines down the middle of the the road that aren't meant to be crossed, because it's a stupid idea to overtake on the bend, yet the driver thinks that because it's a cyclist in front it's imperative to make the overtake as soon as possible regardless of the road markings. When the inevitable happens and they encounter a car coming the other way, they think fuck it let's squeeze the cyclist rather than abort the overtake.

  • Just submitted a report with the police online.

    Yeah I hadn’t realised there was an oncoming car at the time. Just thought the bus driver was pulling in way too close. Only realised after seeing the footage it was due to an oncoming car.

  • It’s a very stupid and dangerous place to perform an overtake, especially in a bus. Blind bend, blind crest, solid white line, narrow bridge etc .

    The worst part is there is a crossing that is usually red just after the bend and the buses always stop at the train station just after the crossing. Having to pull across the cycle lane.

  • What do you think would be a sensible penalty for the driver?
    We are past internal procedures.
    Should the Police take action, what would you be happy with?
    I’m not exactly sure of the Met’s disposal options but there may be awareness courses at the lower end of options. Upper end would be report to CPS and they may decide to summon the driver to a Magistrates’ Court. The Court has options too. Upper end of those would be a ban. I would presume the driver would lose his job if banned. The loss of his job would obviously have implications on his life especially if that is all he is qualified to do.
    If he gets a ban, do not expect a huge fine as the Court will take his unemployment into consideration as he won’t have means to pay the fine.
    I’m interested in what you think.

  • Sanction the cunt. There are safe urban driving courses. Hopefully it’d teach other drivers not to behave in this fashion.

    Boohoo if they lose their job. Work related road risk - no one should be put at risk of harm as a result of someone’s job. If they are unable to drive properly they need to find a new career.

  • I do not know what you are employed as but, if in your workplace, you make a mistake, others are very annoyed but no one is hurt - would you accept having your employment terminated as a fair sanction?
    In the situation above, it is plain to me the the driver was at fault. If he stopped and apologised (honestly and frankly) to the cyclist would this be raised to a higher level?
    There was a video on Reddit where a car pulled out in front of a motorcycle and the car driver stopped and profusely apologied for his MISTAKE. That was the end of it.
    People make mistakes driving every day, rarely to they apologise. Maybe it is worth considering.
    I am not taking any sides in this at all just considering options.

  • That isn’t a mistake. It was a wilful decision to overtake when not appropriate. It’s a failure to follow the rules of the road. Given the inherent risks he should be sanctioned. If it’s first offence then it may just be fine and points on licence. If it’s part of a bigger pattern then the sanctions ought to escalate. If that means change of job so be it.

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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