• Got a NIP from plod for a taxi driver who decided to try and teach me a lesson for riding primary, even though there was TWO whole lanes for him to overtake me.
    His reaction when confronted was 'your lot do what you want' 'you should be riding on the side of the road'.
    He'd actually close passed and cut me up to the point I had to swerve.
    I really hope he's already been sent on a course and gets points.

  • Not quite yet, but I'm hopeful.

  • Nice one mate! Hopefully more than a driver course and a couple points. Do you have the video?

  • I do but whilst it's an open case I can't share.
    It's not the most exciting video to be honest, just classic angry chunt driver who thinks because some other people decide to ride their bikes through red lights he has justification to attack me with his car. Everything he said when I confronted him would make everyone here's blood boil, as it did mine. I've ceased getting angry these days and just hope my video is good enough to get convictions.

  • That's fair enough. Fingers crossed justice is served.

  • An ex-colleague just posted an Instagram story where he's filming his drive to work from the driver's seat. Polite message or report to the police? The IG reporting mechanism didn't have an appropriate category.

  • You can download it from here https://storiesig.com/ since it only lasts 24 hours and police probably won't act in that time. Other screenshots proving the same downloaded video came from their feed would be useful. I've considered doing the same before but haven't up to now

  • Should maybe put it here too, cab driver slams brakes on to knock out passenger than dumps him by the side of the road.


  • I wonder what he was saying to the cabbie?

    some more info in the youtube comments


  • They were arguing about the direction the cabbie was taking the passenger home I believe, the passenger was definitely drunk and didn't like the route he was being taken and started swearing but the cabbie handled the situation disgracefully (obviously)

  • googling 'cabbie dumps passenger' yields a few results

  • I had a bus overtake me on a sharp corner today, which pushed me into the curb. Ofcourse the traffic light just slightly ahead was red and then the bus immediately pulls over at the next bus stop the other side of the lights.

    I pulled over in front of the bus and took a photo so I could get the details to report it to the bus company and request the CCTV footage using GDPR. I wasn’t going to engage with the driver but when he saw me take a photo he opened his window and began shouting.

    I went over and he was telling me it’s illegal to take photos of people in public. I told him he is incorrect, to which he replied saying he use to be a policeman and knows the law. Then he went on to say he gave me enough room as he moved over the white line into the other lane (oncoming traffic lane).

    I tried to tell him that the corner he overtook me on turns into a pinch point, for cyclists, when buses/lorries overtake there. His response was to tell me that I don’t own the road.

    I tried to explain again all I wanted to tell him was the corner can be dangerous for cyclists when long vehicles overtake.

    I’ve sent an email to the bus company requesting the footage.

    I also feel the fact the driver told me “you don’t own the road” should be addressed in some way. As somehow that gave him the right put my life in danger?

    Also would like if the bus company could pass some info to him regarding public photography law.

  • Bus company will likely pass your comments onto the 'fleet manager' and deal with it robustly where necessary. Or some guff like that. Who knows what will happen.

    I am wondering whether you lodge a close pass with the police and go for a prosecution?

    I had a similar incident and after the initial email heard nothing more from the bus company.
    I have zero faith with companies dealing with complaints internally.

  • Do both. Request footage and report to police. And shit on their lawn (oops how did that get there).

  • No sausages?


  • I have zero faith with companies dealing with complaints internally.

    I've had two run ins with the same driver over a 6 month period, he's utterly unhinged and shouldn't be driving in my opinion.

    However I spoke with the new transport manager on the phone this afternoon after he prompted a phone conversation, and the manager seemed quite taken aback that one of his drivers behaved as I said. Maybe he's just good at PR but I reckon the driver is going to get a bollocking in the near future.

    It is a small firm so action is that much more likely I suppose, in a big company there are too many levels of management for anyone to really give a shit.

  • It is a small firm so action is that much more likely I suppose, in a big company there are too many levels of management for anyone to really give a shit.

    Couldn't it also work out the other way around though? Big companies have better internal mechanisms to cover their ass so something like that is more likely to lead to an automatic bollocking of whoever endangered their public perception?

  • Unless he'd deposited sausages up his botty prior to the pooping?!

  • Fingers crossed for a result either.

  • It's the medium sized ones that are both too impersonal and too pressed to deal with this shit that you need to watch out for. Fuckers.

  • yes, IME a big organisation will want to protect their reputation, and will have processes in place to make this happen. of course, there will be exceptions but in general, reputation counts.

  • Waste sausages? u mad bro

  • And the micro ones, where the offending driver is also the boss and the sole employee of the whole thing...

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Please report dangerous drivers to the police - Roadsafe. Report to plod, not just whinge here.

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